A Correction on My Girl Lexi

This afternoon, the NYS Gaming Commission retracted its notice of My Girl Lexi’s death at Saratoga Sunday. Apparently, My Girl is still alive. Accordingly, I have deleted the post and removed My Girl from our killed list.

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  1. Where is “My Girl Lexi”? What are her injuries and what equine veterinarian is caring for her? Will she later show up as euthanized?

    • Thats very possible, Helen. Sadly, this could be on of the ‘Where is…?’ Horses.
      Possibly euthanized off track to avoid reporting the death.
      If she IS alive, and recovers that would be fantastic,.

      • And, what about all the others that are question marks? How could ny commission not know if dead or alive?

  2. Is there any proof that MY GIRL LEXI is alive after being reported as dead?
    The two-year-old with no name that was reported as injured at the 9/16 Pole while breezing and was euthanized on track (killed in morning training) is still dead, I presume.

  3. What are her injuries,so bad that they necessitated being Vanned? So many questions.

    • She came in third and was vanned off after finishing the race. She was “coaxed” and something about under a drive in the chart notes; you know, those things that are euphemisms for the jockey beating the hell out of the horse to get the horse to keep running to the finish line. She suffered undisclosed injuries due solely to this UNACCEPTABLE abuse!!!! Whatever injuries were inflicted on MY GIRL LEXI are thanks, but no thanks, thanks to racing. There is no excuse for beating the horse with a riding crop just to finish the race. There is no acceptable excuse for this egregious cruelty to horses!!!!!

  4. I don’t see anyone in racing getting upset with the NY Gaming Commission for failing to record or even mention some van-offs and deaths that actually HAVE occurred. They still haven’t recorded a Rudy Rodriguez-“trained” gelding named Kid Cash, who was injured/vanned on May 8th at Belmont. No works since then, and silence from everybody associated with him. I also recall a similar situation around that time with a Linda Rice horse (I don’t recall specifics, but I believe the poor equine victim had “Vegas” in his/her name.) The van-off was acknowledged in the chart and on Twitter, but not by the NYSGC.
    Oh, and they still haven’t changed the status of My First Grammy, who was widely reported as euthanized on July 9th immediately following his Belmont injury/van-off. According to Gaming officials, his is still a “Racing Incident,” not a Death.
    Point is, if apologists want to bitch about mistakes made in New York’s database — by far, the closest thing to an accurate and transparent accounting of kills, outside Horseracing Wrongs — they’ll find a lot MORE mistakes are made in their own favor than a couple erroneous death admissions which are quickly corrected.

    • Why are you so hostile over a horse being alive? It’s almost like you want more “kills” in horse racing.

      • You have NO idea just how wrong you are about that Ben. I still suffer to this day from the ride I witnessed at Aqueduct 2018, and the way Trevor McCarthy did not pull up the horse and forced and whipped the horse to finish 3rd and do a face plant after crossing the wire. If he had pulled the horse up as soon as the incident happened,there possibly could have been a different outcome. This was a horse who earned just shy of 700,000. The sickening display of no regard for life that Trevor McCarthy showed I will never get that horror image out of my mind. Mike Joyce and Matt Carothers couldn’t believe Trevor didn’t pull him up immediately. That horror haunts me to this day. I will never get it out of my mind. I hate you Trevor McCarthy,it gives me no pleasure having to say that, I would rather the gorgeous Chestnut with big white blaze, to still be amongst us living. So no Ben, you could not be MORE wrong.

      • That statement is so morally twisted it doesn’t even deserve a response.

        • Right? I think our friend, Ben, here, suffers from major comprehension difficulties (among his other obvious failings and flaws;)

    • *Found her. And she’s still alive! Vegas Weekend is a 4-year-old filly (though only three at the time), who was vanned off at Aqueduct on Feb.18th. Sadly, it looks like her loving connections are re-prepping her for a return to racing:(
      Point still stands, however; NYSGC didn’t even note her van-off as an “incident,” just as they didn’t with Kid Cash’s. So, how many others have they “missed” just in 2022? A dozen? More? (Just goes to show, EVERYBODY in this killing game is motivated to publicly MINIMIZE the amount of carnage inflicted on their equine victims — even in the most “transparent” of racing states.)

  5. We can only hope that this poor horse isn’t locked in a stall being made to suffer with horrific injuries while her connections figure out the insurance.

  6. Every day of their lives these poor forcibly bred equines are walking a tightrope … will I survive, or won’t I? To say the will they or won’t they be alive, is TENUOUS at best is an understatement.

  7. Still alive. But where is she and what condition? Is it possible to find out?

  8. I know this is horrible news for you all to learn that this filly is still alive, as evidenced by the people on this forum already trying to deflect this into “what if” situations. The bottom line is, you all do not know half of what you think you know. This post will be deleted I am sure because thoughts that go against the general narrative on here are banned, but these are my thoughts fwiw

    • Ben Rentschler: Can you prove she’s alive? It is just hard to believe that she’s really alive, because the jockey beat the hell out of her to make her finish the race. You know she suffered from the treatment she received. She was vanned off after she finished third in the race. She might be alive and she might have been disposed of since or her owner and trainer could be in the process of doing whatever they do with injured horses that can’t be forced to run anymore. If you think that anyone is hostile that MY GIRL LEXI is still alive, you are reading us wrong. It’s difficult to believe that she is alive without clear evidence.

    • I love how you apologists always try to take the moral high ground while you’re neck deep in the shit of an industry that exploits, abuses, and kills sentient beings.

  9. Did any of you guys happen to catch the new episode last night of Fear thy neighbor on the ID channel? There was a bad twinge of the horse racing world involved in this particular episode last night.

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