One Horse’s Death at Turf: “Multiple Leg Fractures, Multiple Skull Fractures”

Through a FOIA request to the Arizona Dept. of Gaming, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. (I will be posting in installments.)

Raagheb, Jan 14, Turf R (nine years old, 61st race)
“[multiple leg] fractures, multiple skull fractures, severe tearing of ligament, severe soft tissue hemorrhage” also: “chronic ulcerative gastritis”

Tamarando’s Mine, Jan 17, Turf R (three years old)
“[multiple] fractures [both front limbs], acute hemorrhage” also: “chronic-active gastric ulcers; chronic-active colitis”

Adorable Brittany, Jan 17, Turf R (five years old)
“[multiple] open, comminuted fractures; [multiple] ruptures; torn tendon; full fetlock dislocation; soft tissue hemorrhage throughout distal limb” also: “severe cartilage degeneration and chronic osteoarthritis [both front limbs]”

Wed O’s Champ, Jan 19, Turf R (five years old)
“dislocated fetlock, puncture wound, multiple fractures, multiple torn ligaments” also: “chronic ulcerative gastritis”

Circus Ride, Jan 27, Turf R (eight years old, would have been 72nd race)
“became fractious, reared, hit head on gate frame: brain trauma, acute hemorrhage” also: “chronic osteoarthritis, all joints [both front limbs]; chronic ulcerative gastritis”


  1. Every, large animal veterinarian in the USA should have this information and rise up against this abuse.

    • Sadly, we know of a few veterinarians who are active participants in the abuse of horses with unregulated medications in the performance horse industry after our states 1 mile track was sold & redeveloped.These vets are truly evil people & are only interested in the $$ to be earned from keeping the performance horses performing just like what was done at our 1 mile track. These vets know only to well what goes on as they were the ones doing the abuse at our track!

      • My wife switched to solely small animals because of the way horses are treated. Trainers would say “give him this” or “inject that”. A lot of vets will do what the trainers tell them to do. Imagine taking your kid to the pediatrician and telling the doctor how to do her job.

  2. All racehorses count, but I want to shed a light on the horrific cruelty, abuse and inhumane treatment of racehorse RAAGHEB.
    I also want to remind all of the apologists who read this site, because I know you do, that this racehorse was royally-bred, according to industry standards, was raised and owned by one of the richest families in the world SHADWELL FARM – the late SHEIKH MAKTOUM.
    All of the money in the world DID NOT & COULD NOT save RAAGHEB from a life of pure living hell and misery all at the behest of this vile industry and the parasites in it.
    So for those of you who have often approached me claiming that “rich” racehorses always get a home and they are somehow shielded from the abuses of this industry?
    Take your delusional psychobabble manure laced bullshit and shove it where the sun don’t shine or at least come up with another line that doesn’t insult people’s intelligence.
    RAAGHEB this is for you in your memory.
    RAAGHEB performed and earned for Shadwell Farm from the time he was 2 years but by 3 it was obvious that he would not “cut the cake” for lack of a better term for the Derby.
    On 09/16/2016 he was a DNF and he was also claimed in that race for the first time.
    Shadwell Farm made a decision to deliberately dump him since he was of no value to them at this point and this happens with most all farms or owners in this business.
    From here on in the never ending claiming cycle begins with at least 6 new owners/trainers taking a stab at him and shipping him all over the place from the East Coast to the West Coast and back to the East Coast all the while being intensely confined.
    RAAGHEB was now in a “squeeze the lemon dry” scenario and this mentality widely prevails in horse racing with a system set-up to maliciously condone such cruelty and abuse.
    1/14/2022 He breaks down, is vanned-off and now confirmed dead with horrific injuries.
    His body literally collapsed and all his supporting leg structures too and this is what happens when people run them into the ground with zippo remorse.
    In the end, RAAGHEB earned over $555,180 for the parasites that sucked every ounce of blood and life out of him and not one of them cared.

    • Many Thoroughbred colts and fillies, especially colts, bred to race in the Kentucky Derby don’t “cut the mustard” for the Derby. The moral depravity of the people who can, and continue to, actively engage in this egregious cruelty to, and killing of, horses without remorse is intensely disgusting!!!!

    • Thank you, Gina.
      What a horrible life and death Raagheb was forced to endure at the hands of subhumans.
      As we know, in this hotbed of criminal activity, the abuse and cruelty heaped on Raagheb is the norm for the horses. Not only is this obscenity ignored by the “fans” and the addicted bettors, it is ignored by the authorities.
      Also, along with all the other fractures, injuries, and painful chronic digestive disease, how did he sustain multiple skull fractures ???
      Sounds like he was beaten to death!!!

      • And, how many JUST like this poor soul gelding are out there EXACTLY in the same predicament. God bless the horses souls,and may the humans doing this intentional sadistic cruelty …

    • Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum (this is not the same as the deceased Sheikh Maktoum)–known to the racing industry as ‘Sheikh Mo’ –was in the news a few years ago because his wife, also involved in racing (people called her his ‘racing wife’ to distinguish her from his other wives), left him and took their two children to the UK. I haven’t seen any news of them for some time, so I don’t know what happened. He was in the news a few years before that for chasing to ground his adult daughter from another marriage after she had tried to escape, and she has not been seen from since. I think there was yet another female relative to whom something similar happened. None of that news surprised me. He thinks he owns them, like he owns his horses. He is high profile each year for the Dubai World Cup, in which many American horse owners participate. I guess if you have boatloads of money, you can get away with anything.

      • I Cannot cope with looking at that crazy wide eyed look of bald Terry Finley. #Westpoint thoroughbreds. You proud of what you have done with your life Terry? These horses suffer horrors you and your Westpoint education would never be able to cope with the absolute horror.

  3. IKE WALKER. The same modus operandi as RAAGHEB.
    This 10 year old gelding has been forced into the gate and whipped 70 times.
    He’s earned $475,648 and he’s been claimed and trained by the usual parasites.
    He’s gone from the east coast to the west coast and has been claimed by Doug O’Neill and Peter Miller who squeezed what they could out of him and then dumped him.
    He’s been claimed by at least 7 different trainers and owners.
    He’s now hit rock bottom ($4000 claiming) and he’s running for a flake of hay at Camarero.
    He’s ran his ass off for everybody, made them money and more than earned a grassy paddock and safe retirement.
    Yet, he’s forced into another race where he struggles just to save his life while all the “caring” apologists watch him suffer.
    This is what horse racing does to their horses and this is why it needs to end and the fact that this track is kept open by millions in public subsidies forcing NY residents to pay for this?
    There’s no amount of money that these racehorses can make to ensure a safe retirement and there is not one track or wagering company in the U.S that has a mandatory 1% aftercare contribution program.
    They want them to die so they don’t have to take care of them.
    I hope you make it out alive IKE

    • Horses are so willfully and maliciously used and abused in racing! Racehorses are basically left for dead once their exploiters have made their money off of them!
      Keeping horses on pasture is one of the basic necessities for keeping horses happy and healthy. It is a crying shame that this basic NECESSITY for horses is taken away from horses exploited for racing! Every horse needs a large, clean pasture free of debris, a salt lick, a mineral block and 24-hour a day access to clean water. Horses are meant to be out grazing on pasture with shade trees and something for a windbreak and getting the exercise that horses get when allowed to freely roam and graze.
      Horses should not have to earn a grassy paddock or clean water. This basic necessity has been stolen away from the horses! These morally depraved people should not be allowed to deprive horses of the basic needs!!!! These morally depraved people belong in jail for their crimes against horses!!!!!

    • Sorry, but just to clarify IKE WALKER is still alive and just ran a race on 8/6/2021.
      His days of intense confinement, being beaten, and send out to suffer are not over.
      It’s telling that horse racing chooses to spend money for transportation from the mainland U.S. to Puerto Rico, and it’s not cheap, to another hell hole instead of just giving him the retirement that he so deserves.
      IKE WALKER – the walking dead.

  4. Multiple leg and skull fractures, WTH!! Did they beat him after the race? How does this happen?
    This is just as bad as racing a horse that had surgery and still has hardware in his ankle and still racing.

  5. The injuries that eventually kill these horses are just heart-breaking to read. How these innocent, defenseless horses must suffer before the ‘happy’ release of death, thanks to the heartless, gutless, spineless POS that own, train and race them…..but I forgot, they love them just like family!

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