Saratoga Race Course Records 9th Kill of Summer

Answer In has become the 9th victim of the Saratoga summer, euthanized Wednesday for laminitis. He had been raced 18 times, most recently July 16 at this same track.

Saratoga’s Dead, Thus Far
Range War, Jun 3, training – “injured while breezing” (being prepped for first race)
Supernova, Jun 22, stall – “apparent peritonitis”
Vindatude, Jul 3, training – “collapsed and expired” (three years old)
Credit Event, Aug 6, training – “fractured leg, euthanized”
Plurality, Aug 6, training – “collided with another horse” (being prepped for first race)
Practice Squad, Aug 10, training – “sustained leg injury, euthanized on track”
Awesome Gerry, Aug 10, racing – “suffered an injury, euthanized on track”
Salt Cay, Aug 11, racing – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Answer In, Aug 17, stall – “laminitis” (last raced Jul 16)


  1. The repeated kills are just heartbreaking and ANSWER IN is yet another example of a racehorse who suffered long before he died.
    ANSWER IN was an upper level stake placed racehorse who always brought home big checks for owner Robert LaPenta and trainer Brad Cox.
    In fact, he raked in $445,580 for these 2 monsters that had to be well aware of his pain and suffering in his hooves, but kept him going via “therapeutic’ medications to keep him flipping a buck and stroking LaPenta’s ego and/or sadistic appetite since he doesn’t need the money.
    Laminitis in racehorses is usually caused by stressful weight bearing on supporting limbs that are injured in some capacity and excessive sugar intake from grain.
    The fact that they kept running him would only exacerbate his painful condition and, had they stopped on him and did what was right by the horse, he could have lived a much more comfortable and longer life than the stressful pounding on a dirt track on diseased hooves.
    Although the condition is irreversible they literally ran ANSWER IN to his death because they know that they will never be held accountable and they don’t want to support a horse on a farm that is not bringing in checks most likely.
    Of course the vet treatment records would be evidence of this, but they keep those a secret.
    Incidentally, the bulk of his servitude was on NY tracks where the millions in public subsidies continue to financially support the ongoing widespread abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment of racehorses, but it also supports multimillionaires like LaPenta.
    The subsidies need to END and so does horse racing.

    • Thank you, Gina. These scum should be put in a landfill and covered.
      Unfortunately, these trash are allowed to abuse animals daily. Only by changing the laws can we get change.

    • Compassion is in short supply, especially these days it seems. But the love of money is plentiful. Every parent, every social service provider, every TAXPAYER needs to be bombarded by the fact that it’s their money being wasted to support this travesty.

    • Than you, Gina. I always have found your posts interesting because I seem to learn something new with each one. Sometimes I don’t like learning something new, though, because it’s not something I like to think happens to the horses. But please, never stop sharing what you know. Reading of your experiences is important, and valuable.

  2. The whole culture of horse racing is rotten to the core and so are its people. Latest headlines from Saratoga:
    “Two Grooms Arrested on Narcotics Charges at Saratoga”
    They were in possession of over 200 grams of cocaine. Wonder where all those drug positives come from?
    Thank you Gina for the sad story of Answer In. La Penta – is he the one who made all his money ripping off the poor at those check cashing loan places or was that Doug O’Neill’s buddy, J. Paul Reddam? All those people are alike – lie, cheat, steal, kill. I used to think that there had to be some compassionate people in horse racing. Now I know better.

    • I think it’s Reddam you are referring to. He owns CashCall, a loan service company.

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