Indiana: “Sudden Death – Diffuse, Extensive Hemorrhage”

Through a FOIA request to the Indiana Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s two tracks thus far this year.

Barqueen, Jan 30, Horseshoe S – “unknown, suspect injury from fall” (two years old)
Upfront And Gone, Mar 26, Hoosier R – “sudden death: pulmonary hemorrhage”
Candyjustice, Apr 3, Horseshoe S – “found deceased – colitis” (three years old)
Bucket Betty, Apr 15, Horseshoe S – “found deceased – colitis” (two years old)
McEntire, Apr 29, Horseshoe S – “fatal anaphylactic reaction” (raced Apr 2)
Cv Cupido, May 24, Horseshoe T – “fractured scapula” (two years old)
Runpat, May 28, Horseshoe T – “[multiple] fractures”
Classic Honey, Jun 7, Hoosier T – “sudden death: pulmonary hemorrhage”
Cannon Can, Jun 14, Hoosier T – “sudden death – diffuse, extensive hemorrhage”
Billups, Jun 26, Horseshoe S – “sudden death” (four years old, raced six days prior)
Tango, Jun 27, Horseshoe S – “death on trailer, suspect colic”

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  1. After reading the article about HENRY THE HAWK, a show horse, the scandal surrounding his untimely death, and I should say “murdered” by a hit man and ordered by a rich man, it makes me seriously question the cause of death to the horses that are listed above as having been found dead in their stall, including BARQUEEN, a two year old, dead in her stall. The cause of death is listed as “unknown, suspect injury from fall” so it isn’t exactly far-fetched to suspect the possibility that she could have been killed on purpose. I don’t know. Who knows for sure when the causes of death listed are so vague???

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