2-Year-Old Killed at Los Alamitos Had Severe Metacarpal Disease in Both Front Limbs

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on some of that state’s kills this year.

Warren’s Showtime, Feb 26, Santa Anita T
“[Multiple] open, comminuted fractures; severe, open, complete luxation of the fetlock joint with lateral displacement of distal MCIII and complete rupture of collateral ligaments.” Also: “degenerative joint disease; osteochondral disease; multifocal gastric ulceration.” Warren’s Showtime was five years old.

See You At Front, Mar 23, Los Alamitos T
“[Multiple] open, comminuted, complete, displaced fractures; multiple small bony fragments embedded in the suspensory ligament.” Also: “severe dorsal metacarpal disease [both front limbs]; severe microdamage accumulation; multifocal gastric ulceration.” See You At Front had just turned two. Two – now, re-read these lines.

Scream and Shout, Apr 23, Los Alamitos R
“Catastrophic complex fetlock breakdown with [multiple] open, comminuted fractures and [multiple] complete ruptures.” Scream and Shout was five years old.


    • In a horse, these injuries are disabling and life ending! It means the horses suffered miserably in pain and agony. It means the horses are disabled and dead.
      There is no possiblity of reversing the diseases in their joints, bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons. They were forced to perform for morally depraved people and now they’re dead. The ulcers inside them meant that the horses suffered in silence while their human connections just used them callously with no regard for the horses’ comfort.

  1. To Benjamin & Sally Warren – breeders and owners of WARREN’S SHOWTIME.
    You intensely confined this mare so she could earn you money – lots of money.
    In fact, this mare made you over $843,431 and that wasn’t enough to secure her a soft landing.
    Instead, you literally ran her into the ground and watched her die.
    Why don’t you release her vet treatment records to the public instead of hiding them?
    I know why because I’m 100% positive that they would show a mare being continually injected into her joints and pumped up to keep her making more and more money for you parasites.
    You just had to risk her life one more time didn’t you?
    Over $800,000 wasn’t enough to take care of her and that’s why you are pathetic human beings.
    Then again, by dying she avoided a life of further intense confinement as a broodmare to make more money for you greedy grabbing pieces of turf shit.

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