2-Year-Old Dead at Del Mar

The CHRB reports (belatedly it appears) that Show Your Cards suffered a “stall accident/fracture” at Del Mar Aug 3 and was euthanized. He was just two years old and in training for his debut. He becomes the 39th admitted kill in California this year.

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  1. Owned by the fractional owner group MyRacehorse. I have been reading that some of them are heartbroken over the loss.
    Coming from people who have most likely never even laid hands on the horse, or if they did, it was for a brief blip in time. Ridiculousness. I’m sure many of them are already scurrying to buy into the numerous horses that the company just picked up at auctions. Rinse, repeat.

    • Corny idiots (my racehorse) think they are going to compete against the likes of George Soros(sf racing). You born dumb losers. They are selling you a steaming hot pile of shit🤣.

  2. There is too much ego for them to stop…and remember, gambling is an addiction for some so they don’t give a s*&ht what happens to the horses. We have to keep the heat on so there is no choice but to stop! Believe me, I am not too popular with some for speaking out but then I know I am getting to them:)

    • Well done Katie, lone individuals can only try to make a difference by tackling the people they come into touch with. The Horse racing ‘industry’ is so vast with rich and some super rich indidivuals ruling the game, can you imagine making any progress with the Saudis or even our Queen? I truly hope but doubt that racing animals for either pleasure or profit will ever end, it is going to take a monumental change of attitude in humans towards animals, and while there is continual testing on live sentient beings can you see the mountain that has to be climbed? My sadly departed old friend used to say, “we all need rubbing out and drawing again”. Sad but oh so true, however there are animal loving people all over the world so you are not alone. Keep on keeping on!

    • AND I just read a ‘race tracker’ who owns parts of race horses say they have made so many changes at Del Mar it is now a safe place. I always wonder if they are a fool or a liar or maybe both.

  3. The stupidity, cluelessness and greed of people who know absolutely NOTHING about the sensitivity of horses is just astounding.

  4. Another young horse killed at 2 years old? This needs to stop now by ending the racing of horses.

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