Super Quick Killed at Ellis; Racing World Mourns

Super Quick is dead after breaking down in the 8th at Ellis yesterday. As this was a $125K stakes race, and as this horse was a star – bred and owned by Marylou Whitney Stables, trained by Norm Casse, earner of $423,000 in just 13 races – the racing press deemed her death, as opposed to the 350+ more-pedestrian ones I’ve documented so far this year, worthy of coverage. And, of course, both in that coverage and across social media, the mawkishness flows: Casse (in DRF), “She taught me a lot.”

The dead teacher…

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  1. Apparently she didn’t teach him compassion. It’s so unspeakably sad that the degree of “grief,” shown by the press and racing community, is directly related to how much money that particular horse earned.

  2. Is there anyone following horseracing and in social media who can comprehend that if they can kill their best racing horses, what do you think happens to the least of them? The racing press can make a distinction between the high-earners and the low-earners, but there’s no distinction between which ones get killed. Any racehorse, regardless of the amount of purse money earned, can and eventually will be killed by racing. The greed in horseracing is evident, and so is the abuse!!!!

    • There is a reason that one of the first things a person who gets into racing is told is, never fall in love with a horse. It makes it easier when one dies to just get another one. Everything else can be justified if you start with that. It’s abhorrent.

      • That says how unbelievably depraved they are. I’m so glad 🙄you hold ny’rs in high regard 😒. I know too much about them.

  3. Their fake show of grief and loss is an insult to those of us who truly loved our horses and truly were heartbroken when we lost them.

  4. Horse #2. Looked like it happened right after the finish line. Did this beautiful horse make any money for his lousy connections?You know,the ones with the show of grief and boo hoo.

  5. Read something today …one of the abusers in this racket says “we need to do a better job of messaging “. Jesus, the humans have NO COMPASSION. And, this was in response to all the breakdowns and fatalities. These people are scary they are so EVIL.

  6. Beautiful, lovely innocence. Never recognized or loved for herself — only the fame and $$$$$$$ she brought for her greedy, heartless overlords — “We love our horses like family and treat them like royalty!” What a grotesque joke!

    • This reference to “family” in horseracing should always be recognized as dysfunctional and toxic. The human beings that can do this to horses are dysfunctional at best and extremely TOXIC!!!!!

  7. Her eyes are saying it all.

    Proud of yourselves, Marylou Whitney Stables ?

    And then there was that Whitney race the other day where the winner, Life Is Good was in a terrible state, clearly distressed and hanging on to dear life.

    • I’ll tell you Carolyn, ny killed two sets of siblings ….FuLL siblings. Ciaran and Go Big or Go Home, and Ro Bear and his Sister. That’s SOooooo Bad, when you kill two sets of siblings. Scummy ny has NO shame, and they suck a**

      • Correction: Ciaran’s Dad-Malibu Moon. Go Big or Go Home’s Dad-Ghostzapper. They had same Mother. Bizzy Caroline.

  8. The death of Super Quick and all the other horses who died during their participation in horseracing is a horrible tragedy. The owner of these horses have no heart for these horses. They only care about the money. The racing of horses must end!

    • Jan, I agree 100%. It’s important in my opinion to note that any participation in racing by any horse is forced participation. The people who put racing and gambling on racehorses on a higher level of importance than the health and wellness of the horses should all be arrested and charged with Felony Animal Cruelty. We need new legislation that addresses these egregious criminal activities against horses.

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