Last Week…

Elvis Just Elvis “gave way due to bleeding” at Horseshoe
I Make the Rules “vanned off” at Monmouth
Sprite’s Lady “vanned off” at Monmouth
Not a Secret “vanned off” at Prairie
Humero d’Oro “vanned off” at Prairie
Prairie Citizen “fell, vanned off” at Presque Isle
Aberration “went wrong, vanned off” at Belterra
Zachs Golden Oldie “vanned off” at Belterra
Ready Edge “vanned off” at Colonial
Calescent “fell, DNF” at Finger Lakes
Readyseekgo “bled” at Saratoga
On Our Way Boyz “fell, DNF” at Saratoga
Romped “went wrong, fell, vanned off” at Belterra
Majestic Valley “collided with fallen horse [above]” at Belterra
Bull Meechum “vanned off” at Charles Town
Gattosing “collapsed, vanned off” at Charles Town
Hez a Fast Flash “bled, vanned off” at Delta
Lightemupwithcharm “bled, vanned off” at Delta
Hairtrigger Heart “vanned off” at Evangeline
Above the Line “fell, vanned off” at Penn
Blue Tac “vanned off” at Delta
Touch by Felicty “vanned off” at Fairmount
Letts Go to Dixies “vanned off” at Charles Town
Peace Out “bled, vanned off” at Ruidoso
Race for Corona “hit rival, DNF” at Arapahoe
Jr Setta “hit by rival, DNF” at Arapahoe
Sparkling Gem “vanned off” at Los Alamitos

While not all the “vanned” end up dead, most do, as borne out by our year-end FOIA reports. But even if death is not the ultimate result, the above are victims nonetheless, suffering painful injuries – in the case of the bleeders, pulmonary hemorrhage – so that some men may gamble, others chase pots of gold. (For any new confirmed deaths during the week, please see our running annual list.)

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  1. I read online that for every ONE DOLLAR that horseracing generates, it costs the communities TEN DOLLARS. This discrepancy ought to be emphasized every time the industry attempts to use the excuse that they provide so many jobs and contribute so much money to the economy of communities. For every $1.00 the racing industry generates, it costs the communities $10.00. The rich racing people need to get a life and STOP ABUSING & KILLING HORSES, and stop committing these horrific acts of violence against horses at the expense of the communities!
    Also, it should be emphasized that the jobs that the rich racing people provide to the backside track workers are very low-income jobs with NO HEALTHCARE BENEFITS and NO PAID LEAVE (in the event that a medical necessity and/or emergency should require a leave from their jobs).
    It should be emphasized that the RICH RACING PEOPLE sometimes hire undocumented immigrants, which is unlawful, and in the cases where and when this occurrs, the RICH RACING PEOPLE may provide phony IDs to any or all undocumented workers employed by them. All of these unlawful acts committed by the RICH RACING INDUSTRY PEOPLE must be brought to light and the RICH RACING INDUSTRY PEOPLE must be brought to justice for their violations of law!!!!! All of these rich RACING INDUSTRY people breaking the laws, and that includes ABUSING and NEGLECTING HORSES, must be in above-the-table discussions. Our legislators in every state must be armed with the knowledge of these infractions and violations of law and continue to do the work of sponsoring new legislation that addresses these various issues specifically!

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