Is This Entertainment, America?

The following video shows three horses going down at three tracks yesterday: Romped at Belterra (another horse, Majestic Valley, collided with Romped and lost the jockey); Above the Line at Penn; Gattosing at Charles Town. All three were “vanned off.” I will of course follow up with the relevant racing commissions.


  1. All these will take a miracle for survival.its been a really lousy week for horses,hasn’t it?

  2. Abhorrent cruelty and inhumane treatment of living beings all for $2 bets.
    Definition of horse racing: imprisonment, doping, mangling, permanent damage, dumping, dying and widespread corruption.
    ROMPED, ABOVE THE LINE, GATTOSING were all made for the hundreds of millions of dollars in public subsidies handed out to these tracks in their respective states.
    Bred to be exploited and killed in the dirt for stupid bets.
    If anybody reading this lives in one of these states contact your elected politicians and DEMAND THAT THESE SUBSIDIES END.
    Then look for political candidates that are committed to ENDING these subsidies.

  3. I wish I was on Twitter. I would send this to the fool who posted “this doesn’t happen that often”. That’s probably at least 4 dead horses, just yesterday.
    How pathetic and sad that is. Why is even 1 acceptable?

    • Marie, there was a veterinarian in Oregon that used that same lame line of crapola when a race horse suffered a fatal injury. It was in 2019, if I remember correctly, and was posted on this blog. For a veterinarian, he sounded like he was NOT well educated.

  4. But, but, but…wasn’t (the comically-named) HISA supposed to at least START mitigating the numbers of these types of daily horror-show “incidents”? After all, they’re going on 90 days of the Super-Safe Safety portion of their (high-integrity) Authority for thoroughbred killing. And everybody with the stomach to watch these videos — not me, thanks — can see that these hideous episodes are occurring every bit as frequently as they always have. (MORE frequently, given the reductions in races and racehorse numbers.)

    So, congratulations, HISA heroes! You’ve already made, um, great strides in improving horse safety…
    Okay, not really. But, I, personally, am still pulling for you gals and guys. I think, with another 90 days under your belts, you MIGHT just show us how, with all your top-secret, high-integrity oversight (and expense), you’ll actually be able to save just one thoroughbred’s life. So, good on you for that, if it happens.
    It’s just too bad that y’all have no interest whatsoever in KEEPING that one horse’s life saved once s/he’s been dumped from the track:(

  5. It is beyond shameful & disgusting — Where are our NEWS outlets in order to more expose? — what are NEWS afraid of? — HORSERACING is one of the CRUELEST industries — the depraved brutality to Animals is sickening — SHUT DOWN HORSERACING — Forever.

    • Unfortunately, the news outlets are busy reporting on the record attendance and handle at Saratoga this racing season, just to cite one example. At what point do we have to take a step back and realize that despite our best efforts to bring the cruelty that defines horse racing to light, we are not getting results? Repeating the same behavior (Patrick’s great work in listing every single racehorse killed, as an example) and expecting different results is what some would call stupidity. The big money is all on the other side of the table, and that seems to be all that matters in this country. Again, my hat is off to all of you for doing what you do, but I, for one, haven’t seen any progress on this front in a very long time.

      • The numbers of new Thoroughbred foals produced by this industry has declined steadily over a period of thirty-plus years. With the rate of decline in new foal crops and the rate of decline in the population of horses of racing age, eventually there will come a time when there will not be enough horses left to be exploited in this most egregiously cruel and sadistic way! It might take another thirty years. Some of us may not live long enough to see the end of horseracing. It takes time for the racetracks to go out of business. We need to persevere!

  6. It appears from the video that all three horses were seriously injured with ‘broken’ bones and will end up DEAD and forgotten by their so-called ‘loving’ owners and trainers. Still, these so-called ‘loving’ owners can just move onto another horse to get their blood-money and five minutes of glory.

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