Animal Cruelty at Saratoga Yesterday, Including 4th Kill (Awesome Gerry) in 5 Days

Yesterday at storied Saratoga Race Course:

In the 1st race, Grey Giant “was fractious pre-race, acted-up as the field was sent on its way, refused to depart with the rest of the contestants while playing around and wheeling, was finally coaxed into beginning his journey about the same time the rest of the field was approaching the first jump, lagged at the rear while jumping outward, moved out of last briefly between fences five and six, bobbled landing over fence six then dropped to the rear again and was eased in the stretch then vanned off.”

“Fractious.” “Acted-up.” “Refused to depart while playing around.” “Finally coaxed into beginning his journey.” Funny stuff, huh? Not so funny is that the 4-year-old was injured at some point and eventually had to be ambulanced off the track. Disgusting.

In the 2nd race, Readyseekgo “was eased along to the finish [123 lengths back], then was reported to have bled.” (See this.)

In the 7th race, On Our Way Boyz, after “brushing the gate” at the start, “clipped heels and fell” – officially a “DNF.”

And finally, in the 8th race, this for 4-year-old Awesome Gerry (below): “suffered an injury at the 1/2-mile pole…put to a protective hold…guided to the outside fence…attended to by vet…euthanized on track.” This makes it two kills at Saratoga yesterday, four in the past five days, and seventh overall. Is this entertainment, NY?

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  1. Race #1 at Saratoga…barbaric Steeplechase. Grey Giant didn’t want to go. Maybe he’s telling them something? Finally forced and came in last way behind the others. Looked like he was going to keel over. Instead of just walking back to the exit area,he was forced to get over that finish line.

    • I loved Awesome Gerry. Ny sucks ass. They are WORSE than CA. I hate you Ny, you have KILLED some of the most awesome horses,too many for me to even count, you are horrible awful people. Go away Ny …we don’t need you and your corruptness.

  2. To say the horse is playing around and wheeling sounds less like the horse is being forced to do something that causes fear and pain for the horse to the uninformed. The horse is fighting and resisting the inevitable. The horse is afraid but is forced to endure the torture. Horseracing is abusing horses for money. Injured horses are the bread and butter of the track vets that are not interested in the well being of the horses. For morally depraved people, horses are easily victimized.

  3. I urge everyone to look at Awesome Gerry’s many pictures,especially on bloodhorse, the intelligence in those beautiful eyes of his, and that big beautiful white face. To say I’m mad right now is an understatement beyond belief. Just go away Ny. 🤬

  4. Hey Ny photogs … what do you think NOW of your ‘super safe’ state?!!! Why don’t you tweet about THIS killing field, that is saratoga. I will never give that track a proper capital letter.

  5. In this cesspool of felony animal cruelty to horses, the people who think it is “normal” for the horse’s tongue to be tied and hanging out of the side of the mouth are the worst!!!! They all need to be arrested and charged with Felony Animal Cruelty. Horseracing is EVIL, INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES!!!!

  6. So sad that hardly anything was said yesterday about the loss of this excellent horse. Seems that the tv coverage didnt want to spoil the party, especially when there is still money to be made. Now I see that there is one article about the trainer feeling sad and saying no one knows why this happens. Well, no one will know if no one wants to think about it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Overtraining seems to be the most likely cause, but I’ve heard many of these horses run with all kinds of health problems that everyone ignores because they care more about the money.

    • They always lie and say stupid stuff that only an absolute moron would believe. They abused and routinely tortured the horses on a daily basis and run them to death. They’re guilty of felony animal cruelty. They are liars, cheaters and criminals committing horrific acts of ABUSE against the horses!!!!

      • I read maybe the same commentary as Anne. It was Saffie Joseph lamenting over that beautiful gray horse.

        • That stupid, moronic lie that “nobody knows why” as if all of the ABUSE, doping, whipping, shocking, running horses to exhaustion, running horses in excessively high temperatures and high humidity had nothing to do with it. These so-called horsemen are not horsemen!!!! They are criminal ABUSERS of horses!!!!! They should be arrested and charged!!!!! They should be punished by being put behind bars for a very long time!!!!

  7. Keeping horses locked up in stalls 23 hours a day and not allowed to grow and develop the proper and normal way weakens the bones of horses. This is in addition to and combination with the myriad wrongs done to horses exploited by these morally depraved criminals!!! So it’s not a big mystery at all for the information of any MORON that says “nobody knows why” about the injuring and killing of innocent horses.

  8. In the race where Awesome Gerry “suffered an injury at the half-mile pole” (an injury so severe it necessitated euthanasia on the track), (trainer) Tom Amoss “notched his 4000th win” (well his equine slaves did, that is – I’ve never seen him on the track risking HIS life being made to run for someone else’s wallet)…well Twitter has a video of Amoss and his equally heartless family members watching the race in real time CHEERING and hooting and high-fiving and jumping up & down and throwing their arms up in the air in celebration as their horse is “winning” the race…WHILE AWESOME GERRY IS BREAKING DOWN.

    These people are just sick.

    • Joy, the celebration reminds us of Breeder Cup race when Mongolian Groom was fatally injured and the show in the stands with Repole gang.

      • Ah yes, ol roly poly Repole. He and no chin todd, were so over the top in their celebration …it was THE most disgusting display I have ever seen. As poor Mongolian Groom lay there dying. These lowlifes are shameless in their insensitivity.🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

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