Coverage of Our Saratoga Protest

HW organized a protest at Saratoga Saturday – the same day two horses were killed during morning training. CBS Albany, the most-watched regional station, gave us extensive coverage – HERE – including mention of the all-important subsidy legislation. Thank you to them, and, of course, to the warriors who came out…


  1. Thank you to all the brave protestors lending their voices for the horses. We were protesting at Del Mar, CA. where we heard about the 2 horses dead at Saratoga. With your heat and humidity, I believe the horses were murdered after having to race in the terrible weather. BAN HORSE RACING.

  2. Thank you all for showing up and declaiming the false narratives of racing. Tracks are disappearing, let’s keep it up. Bless you all.

  3. Thank you to all the protestors who showed up and spoke out on behalf of these magnificent horses who deserve so much better!

  4. Many people who went to the track will not be returning after seeing the protest. Keep up the good work.

  5. Especially like the older gentleman`s poster showing horses galloping in a natural herd in a field! Good to see that there are men interested in horse care as well.

  6. Thank you for organizing this protest! Hopefully, it will make some people open their eyes to the cruelty and they won’t return!

  7. THANK YOU for showing up and making so much noise about this — KEEP IT UP — inform the world of the horrors in this industry

  8. This is a wonderful set of photos and videos, and, given it’s the news industry, a very good TV report. OK, I know they don’t have time to explain why the industry claims about “reforms” are useless, but I liked the fact that the two deaths at Saratoga in one or two days were announced, and the 2,000 annual national deaths was actually acknowledged. That is progress.
    Even now, I can’t get over how they raced the horses in this heat and humidity. How callous can one get?
    Thank you all for being there!

  9. So much progress being made.
    This post brought tears to my eyes Patrick.
    After fighting this industry from both the inside and outside I’m just am so proud of you, your organization and all of the brave peaceful protestors.
    For me, the racehorses have always and will always come first.
    It’s so amazing to see how people are being a voice for these voiceless victims.
    Furthermore, the fact that the subsidies are now being spoken about over the news is huge.
    I will always stand with those who stand with the racehorses no matter what.
    Thanks to all of you.

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