On Protest Day, a Kill – 3-Year-Old Credit Event – at Saratoga

While we (HW) were out protesting at Saratoga Race Course today, word came that just a few hours earlier the track notched its fourth kill on the season: Credit Event, snapped leg while training, euthanized. This one will sting a bit for owner Klaravich Stables and trainer Chad Brown: The 3-year-old Credit was coming off a $63,000 win July 16; in just four races, he had amassed almost $115K for his people.

This is horseracing.

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  1. How special 😒 carry on ….with this nonsense. Gotta get more money for those billionaires mike repole,and michael dubb.”Carry on” ….is nyra’s motto.

  2. Three years old, Credit Event, was one of so many who never even got to live a life and who died as a juvenile. And do they feel remorse? NO!!!! Is this heartbreaking? You bet it is!!!! It truly, truly is and yet these people make it happen all the time!
    Also, I guess I shouldn’t be amazed that they are making these poor horses run in such heat and humidity. Zero kindness. All selfishness.

  3. Ugh! This can’t get any worse ? I simply do not understand how this abuse is legal. What does that say about us as a human race? Have we advanced at all from the Roman Coliseum? I think not.

  4. Sting a bit??? Nah, just move onto the next money-money-making ‘machine’ and carry on regardless….but I forgot, these money-making ‘machines’ are treated like family, loved and cared for, all I can say is: glad I’m not in their family!!!! Nothing but animal abuse in disguise as ‘sport, fun and entertainment’

    • With Chad Brown as the trainer, being a high-profile Hall of Famer as well as a repeat offender and an expert in killing racehorses, the owners are most logically seeking to collect the insurance from this betrayed, innocent young horse that these demented degenerates chose to use as a “cash cow”!!!!

  5. Here is the issues with most horse races – they start training these horses as one year old and are running them full out by the time they are 2, since most of these races are for 2 year olds. What that means is that the horse is never able to grow properly and mature enough to be able to race. Running is natural for a horse. In the wild they love to race each other. Racing in general is not wrong, what is wrong is racing BABIES (think making your two year old run a marathon and hitting them with sticks if they don’t run fast enough), and also racing them every day – while they are still babies.

    • Horses in the wild DO NOT race each other. Horseracing is fundamentally wrong on all counts. Horseracing is a cesspool of criminal activities including Felony Animal Cruelty and various other crimes. A lot of these criminal activities involve the use of drugs both legal and illegal. There are a lot of morally depraved people in this industry. Money is a higher priority to them and they will do anything regardless of how immoral and low-life it is to cruelly and abusively exploit horses, and killing horses is an inherent part of this egregious-cruelty-to-horses gambling racket. As if the REGULATED RACETRACKS are not bad enough, there are the UNREGULATED RACETRACKS or bush tracks.
      Most of us are only too acutely aware of the fact that horses do not mature or get their full growth until six-years-old. We are aware that the morally depraved people involved in this industry start Yearlings under saddle at 18-months of age. We know that the racing industry holds what they call “Baby Races” defined as races for TWO-YEAR-OLDS. A lot of the two-year-olds that are killed by racing and necropsied show that they have Degenerative Joint Disease and ulcers. This is deliberate ANIMAL CRUELTY. The people who are involved in this industry need to be brought to justice. They should be behind bars in solitary confinement. These morally depraved people don’t have a problem with keeping their horses in solitary confinement in box stalls for 23 hours a day. This is an egregious cruelty to horses in itself. There are way too many things wrong with horseracing!!!! Saying that there is nothing wrong with it except starting colts and fillies out as Yearlings is WRONG!!!! This deliberate cruelty to horses is only one part of the abuse, brutality and cruelty. Have you heard where thousands of horses are sent to “retire”? Thousands of horses bred for racing, whether actually raced or not, are sold to killbuyers and shipped to slaughterhouses.

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