Where Are These Missing Horses, NY Racing?

The horses “vanned off,” or had other issues at, NYS tracks since Jan 1, 2020, and who have not been heard from since. It falls to NY Racing to tell us where these horses are. (Note: These are just raceday. How many of the training injured are missing?)

Assault and Pepper, 1/17/20, Aqueduct (not reported as vanned, but “DNF”)
Nonsensical, 1/19/20, Aqueduct (not reported as vanned, but “protected” after race)
Spectre Bond, 1/24/20, Aqueduct
Plebe, 1/30/20, Aqueduct (not reported as vanned, but “DNF”)
Mo Lightning, 2/8/20, Aqueduct (not reported as vanned, but “DNF”)
Accabonac Harbor, 2/17/20, Aqueduct
Takeoff, 2/22/20, Aqueduct
Lucky E, 3/6/20, Aqueduct
Geta Lode of Lucky, 3/13/20, Aqueduct (not reported as vanned, but “DNF”)
Come On E. V., 6/13/20, Belmont
Traveling, 6/14/20, Belmont
Lord Cadbury, 6/26/20, Belmont
Kiki N King, 7/22/20, Finger Lakes
Quantum Computing, 7/24/20, Saratoga
Must See The Doc, 8/13/20, Saratoga
Leaky Cup, 8/14/20, Saratoga
Ranger Wrote, 8/25/20, Finger Lakes (not reported as vanned, but “DNF”)
Tote Board, 8/26/20, Finger Lakes (not reported as vanned, but “DNF”)
Critical Data, 8/26/20, Saratoga
Rocket Heat, 8/28/20, Saratoga (not reported as vanned, but “fractious”)
Variant Perception, 9/24/20, Belmont
Missle Bomb, 9/25/20, Belmont
J D’s Victory, 9/30/20, Finger Lakes
Vincero, 10/9/20, Belmont
Currency Chrome, 12/4/20, Aqueduct
Rockin Jo, 12/20/20, Aqueduct
We Should Talk, 1/1/21, Aqueduct
El Potro, 1/9/21, Aqueduct
Much Trouble, 3/14/21, Aqueduct
Jo’s Bold Cat, 4/17/21, Aqueduct
Mrs. Phelps, 5/19/21, Finger Lakes
Afleeting Glance, 6/24/21, Belmont
Rosies Surprise, 8/2/21, Finger Lakes
Okie Roughneck, 8/4/21, Saratoga
Recidivist, 8/20/21, Saratoga
Whitmore, 8/28/21, Saratoga
Graceful Princess, 8/28/21, Saratoga (“returned bleeding from nostrils”)
Full Salute, 8/29/21, Saratoga
Awesome Debate, 9/6/21, Saratoga
Notorious Flirt, 9/25/21, Belmont
Chance It, 9/25/21, Belmont
Miss Teheran, 9/25/21, Belmont
Sharp Prospect, 10/16/21, Belmont
Majestic Clarisse, 11/10/21, Finger Lakes (“bled”)
Cantrell Hill, 11/13/21, Aqueduct
Golden Essence, 12/4/21, Aqueduct
Heavy Roller, 12/31/21, Aqueduct

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  1. Whitmore is supposed to be with the Moquettes retired. Last race in Saratoga with minor injury. Pray this is truth.

    • He’s fine Nancy .. but, how stupid of trainer Ron to not know when to quit. Pushed it too far, out of greed!

    • Neither Whitmore nor Notorious Flirt are missing. Both are on to non-racing careers.

      • Mary, but what about the Tens of thousands that were brought into this world out of greed? Jay Privman,even admitted recently ….it’s always just been about making money from the dream of breeding, it’s selling the “dream” to horrible humans.

        • Right to Vote is now at Old Friends, Bonnie. The pro-racing organization’s information page about him is, of course, not 100% truthful – Moquett was the one who “rehomed” RTV leading to the horse ending up in a kill pen and being discovered there in just a couple of days.

          If Moquett had checked out the individual’s (who he “rehomed” RTV to) story, he would have found there was no “riding school” where young girls would learn to ride/hone their skills.

          RTV was damn lucky he was noticed at the kill pen and rescued. NO ONE from the racing industry did for him what we do for ours – KEEP our horses for life and NEVER open the door to slaughter.

      • Yes, according to BH; “As long as Whitmore is able, he will spend his days with the Moquettes.”

        Hmmm…as long as he’s ABLE? Just provide the horse with his forever home and/or support him for life.

      • Yes, those “non-racing careers” – careers being the operative word. When they can no longer be USABLE in their newly found careers”, then what? Already we’ve read (BH) that Whitmore will spend his days with the Moquetts “as long as he is able” – why not FOR LIFE?

        Careers for racehorses once the industry is finished using them – therein lies one of the biggest problems of “aftercare” organizations that are overcrowded and underfunded (underfunded – can you imagine being those horses came from a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR industry?). “Aftercare” for many racehorses is mere flipping.

  2. Well hopefully RM is more diligent with Whitmore than he was with Right to Vote, Bonnie. RTV was found in a kill pen just a couple of days after Moquette “rehomed” him. He must have really checked that new “home” out, right?

    • 🤬🤬🤬🤬 I did not know that. He’s a creep, I should’ve known,because I DO know of his past history. He’s one of those where .. if I give barbara livingston tour of my barn,and barn cats … see, I’m an animal lover. Total play to camera,and social media bullshit ..to make himself try to gain social media following! It’s like look at me ..I’m a good guy.

      • Yeah right. He’s a good guy or a good ol’ boy with bad luck. Boo-Hoo. Thoughts and prayers. What a crock. He’s a horse abuser and a vomit-worthy phony.

        • Right on Wanda. These men in racing know how to play on women’s sensitivities . Like how many men are gonna go Awww, about your barn cats 😒.

  3. You guys are idiots, what has it got to do with you when racehorses are retired and re homed? Mind your own business, go worry about someone’s cat or dog that wounds up in a homeless shelter!!!

    • I’ll tell you why …because dogs and cats have a Much better chance at finding A home.

    • Show us the proof that the above list of horses that were injured by the racing industry are alive. Most of the horses on the list of “missing in action” are most likely dead. You prove that they are alive.

    • Most of the horses listed above were most logically shipped to slaughterhouses after having their identities falsified along with falsified paperwork. That is what happens to thousands of exploited horses. There is no animal shelter for unwanted horses in the same way as there is for dogs and cats. Any horse rescue is usually privately funded and not a shelter provided by the city or county.

    • Another well-articulated argument (ha ha) for racing animals to their deaths — or dumping them when they stop earning — from the always eloquent, MYOB racing creep crowd. Hey, you’re not even the real Bonnie. But I’ll go ahead and advise you on two key points, anyway, Fake Bonnie:

      1. Starting your lame comment with the phrase, “You guys are idiots,” doesn’t exactly endear you to your audience, most of whom consider your point heartless and specious. And,
      2. Those who speak out against ANY abuse can not, should not, and will not back off from our activism because we’re told by the perpetrators of said abuse to Mind Your Own Business. Do spousal/child abusers get a pass when they say that to their victims’ advocates? Nope. In fact, it kinda makes us think they’re hiding even worse offenses.

      (Surely you know that the vast majority of racehorses who leave the track are NOT “retired and re homed,” as you put it. Don’t you, Not Our Bonnie?)

      • To Fake Bonnie: In racing, “retired from racing and rehomed” is a euphemism for being unwanted by their racing owners and sold to a killbuyer. Some of those ex-racing horses might get rescued, but the majority of these horses will be shipped to slaughterhouses. That’s one of the reasons why we make this our business. So we are minding our own business!!!! The public has a right to know what the industry does to horses especially when the public knowingly or unknowingly props up this dying industry of racing and killing horses with government subsidies and government-directed benefits to horseracing.

    • Got news for you “Bonnie” – one can “worry” about both the dogs and cats that become homeless AND the countless racehorses that become homeless then missing. Regarding the dogs and cats you speak of, it’s why my dogs and cats will ALWAYS be rescued – my dogs from shelters and my cats, ferals I’ve taken the time to trap, spay/neuter and bring home to care for their entire lives.

      How bizarre you’re so worried about the homeless dogs and cats when the industry you (obviously) support has perfected making (race)horses homeless – most before they even reach an equine’s prime age. That’s the racing industry’s MO…breed, use, discard, repeat. And repeat and repeat and repeat.

      • The old worn out “deny and deflect” tactic used once again and to no avail.

      • Rose, I agree 100%. The public funding through government subsidies and government-directed benefits to the horseracing industry makes what is done to the horses our business, for one thing, but even without this egregious misuse of the public’s taxes, another thing is that horses are not able to speak the language of human beings and therefore need anti-abuse activists to speak on their behalf. Pro-racing and pro-slaughter thugs have been getting away with heinous ABUSE of horses for way too long!!!!

  4. The MAIN reason this work Patrick is doing is because there is almost nil,nada, No demand for horses. I don’t know about all of “y’all” but, people are not beating down the doors for wanting a horse and how expensive it is and such a lifelong commitment. People don’t want that kind of decades (30 plus years)commitment. This is why the obscene evil greediness of the breeding industry is sick as **** , and they KNOW it. But, they can’t control their out of control greed, it’s just about “me,me,me” mentality. Let’s get real people …how many people nowadays want to be spending the kind of money it takes to provide a proper, healthy,secure,enriching life? If you’re honest you KNOW how severely so many families are struggling and barely scraping by. Let’s not add to the horrors of these horses(because of no soft landing),let’s do the loving,honorable,proper thing for thoroughbreds and not bring them into this unforgiving world.Patrick is showing them the kindest love of all, by asking for a stop to adding to the massive problem of no demand for the used up by this industry innocent horses. They deserve a soft landing and forever home more than you ding dongs who “work” in this heinous industry.

    • Right on, Real Bonnie;)
      I wish those in racing were even remotely honest about the COST of caring for a retired racehorse. But they can’t be, because their biggest priority is Growing the Game. And there’s no way to promote racehorse ownership while being forthright about long-term care expenses.
      Bare-bones conservative estimate for minimal care STARTS at $75 grand, life-long, per horse. Think those thousands of bottom-level claimers have someone who cares (that little) waiting to provide it for them? Me neither:(

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