Our Interview With an NPR Station

Last week, I was interviewed by WAMC, a 7-state, 12-station NPR affiliate. Interview begins at 18:45 mark of “The Legislative Gazette” (#2230).

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  1. Yet another great interview educating those who don’t know.
    Although you were under a time constraint you were able to address the main issues.
    The only thing missing are the subsidies and I hope that this station has you back on to educate NY residents about the subsidies.
    Another huge factor that is overlooked is the incessant beating and whipping of racehorses when they are trying to slow down and/or protect themselves.
    Can you imagine, for one moment, walking on a trail breaking your ankle but somebody is whipping you to keep going back to the car?
    Anybody whose had broken bones, like me, knows how horrific this is for any sentient being.
    The horror of not being able to protect your own body is beyond the pale and that’s what racehorses are going through every single day which results in mental/physical abnormalities.
    Everything about horse racing is set-up to bolster personal bank accounts, egos and/or wagering profits at the sole detriment of the racehorses.
    This will never change and racehorses will continue to die until this cruel business is shut down.
    What I find so regrettable are the major news outlets like CNN, FOX etc. not giving you time slots to present our side when horse racing gets massive coverage to continue to brainwash and/or deceive the public.
    For example, the broadcasts from the tracks blocking out the other voices who oppose horse racing is flat out discriminatory and it’s all being conducted on public subsidies!
    Nevertheless, the fact that you are getting any air time at all is beneficial and more than any in the past.

  2. Excellent articulation of the problem with horseracing. Thank you, Patrick, I hope that you obtain more interviews like this one.

  3. What an amazing interview. You conveyed so much information in a short time. Please keep speaking and writing as much as you can. Anyone who heard that interview had to be moved by the things they heard. You are the voice for these horses.

  4. Patrick, I am always so impressed to hear you speak. You communicate with indisputable facts, the right amount of emotion and emphasis, and you are so compassionate and convincing. I honestly don’t understand how people can continue to ignore what is happening everyday on racetracks everywhere and still believe that the problems can be fixed. No, they can’t be. And I pray that we see racing’s demise sooner than later. Subsidies must stop, Veterinarians must stand up for these helpless creatures and do their jobs. If nothing else could be eliminated in the near future, I would be so very relieved to see claiming races eliminated. They are nothing but pure hell for horses. Thank you so much for all you do. I wish I could participate in your protests!

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