6-Year-Old The Big S Killed at Delaware Park

In the 3rd at Delaware Park Saturday, the chart said that “something went awry” for The Big S, with the horse eventually being “vanned off.” From there, death – euthanized, says the Racing Commission, for a RF injury. He was six years old.

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  1. Every race horse is doomed from before they are born. The majority of horses used for this egregious cruelty to horses will be killed by the neverending abuse and neglect sooner rather than later. Relatively few horses exploited for racing will live to be twenty years old or older.

    • It`s a credit to Patrick that he allows a disparaging comment to be posted to his website comments section! Most blogs would not allow a comment that was yours.

    • Hahaha! “Pete moss”!!! Thinking those that are ok with all this death and destruction of horses are pretty jerky! As well as the ones who so lovingly call the horses in their servitude “pigs”, “donkeys”, and “rats”!

    • Oh those ethical, compassionate, brilliant “jerks”, Pete moss (🥴)…what’s an animal abuser to do when they just keep being the voice of exploited and abused animals?!?

    • Pete moss, what does your life consist of? Do you have any idea what it would be like to stand up against the whole industry, especially in the USA, of exploiting horses for racing and wagering that inherently abuses and neglects and discards horses for the money that unethical, dishonest, unscrupulous, greedy, selfish, sadistic, narcissistic, psychopathic, sociopathic, cruel, abusive, thoughtless, uncaring, deviant human beings engage in?
      Do you have any courage at all to stand up and speak up for the horses that are made to suffer every day, Pete?

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