Another Heatstroke at a Kentucky Track

Recent notes from the stewards at Ellis Park.

Jul 8:
“Make Noise was a late scratch on advice of Commission vet.”

Jul 9:
“The claim of East of India was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List.”

“Hush Hush was injured in paddock and scratched.”

“Blazing Summer required the assistance of the horse ambulance.”

Jul 15:
“Thirty Carats was pulled up and placed on Vet’s List.”

“Corvina [returned] lame and required the horse ambulance.”

“Quari Master suffered an injury, required horse ambulance, transported to clinic.”

Jul 16:
“Secret Edge was injured in paddock and scratched.”

“Bali Dreamin suffered a post-race heatstroke, [vanned off].”

Jul 22:
“Thrombocytopenia was injured in paddock and scratched.”

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  1. Leaving a 3-month-old pup in a car with his mouth taped shut while the owner went inside a casino for two hours and discovered by police was called willful, malicious torture of an animal. It was 113°F outside. It could have been 20 degrees hotter inside the car. Why is the willful, malicious torture of horses ignored by law enforcement agencies????

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