In the Mud at Thistledown: Whipped Till the (Fatal) End

Racin’ Jacin in the 7th at Thistledown yesterday: “broke sharply, offered a mild bid between horses on the turn, suffered an injury past the furlong marker, completed the course and was euthanized.” The good news for the “connections” – M.Y. Stables, Robin Schuster – is that Thistledown, being a state-subsidized racetrack, pays first-last, so by “completing the course,” the about-to-die Racin “earned” 600 bucks. This, by the way, is the third (confirmed) racing kill on U.S. tracks yesterday.

Watch as the jockey, Mauro Cedillo, whipped Racin right till the end…

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  1. Obscene. The public is so dumbed down. One would think that people would be catching on. There must be some way to end the carnage.

    • Horse racing was losing its popularity decades ago. Over the last roughly 50 years, more and more people saw the cruelty, especially the jockeys whipping the horses, and consequently fewer and fewer people are betting on racehorses. With lower and lower wagering handles over time, the racing industry stakeholders demand public funds to keep it propped up. As activists, we need to get more people to stand up for the horses in different ways other than just not betting on races. We need to demand that the legislature passes new laws that will address this issue and cater to the majority of the taxpaying public instead of perpetuating FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY, which is basically the definition of horseracing!!!!

      NY Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal and NY State Senator Zellnor Myrie have sponsored legislation to redirect public funds from horse racing and redistribute these public funds to schools, human services and other public uses.

      Ohio legislators need to be alerted to this atrocity called horse racing and stop the government subsidies and government-directed benefits to horseracing in Ohio and redistribute these public funds to schools, human services and other public uses!!!!

  2. THREE charted kills yesterday? Not even counting all the uncharted ones? Gosh, it’s almost like the ironically-named HISA is not living up to its stated intentions. Big surprise, right? (Instead, seems like HISA is just furthering the mission of its sister trade organization, The Jockey Club: Grow the Killing Game.)

    So, Jockey Clubbers: thoroughbred racing is getting “SAFER” all the time, according to your (highly scientific, not-exclusionary-at-all) Equine Injury Deception racehorse death non-counting system. Yet you’re racing fewer horses, in fewer races, at fewer tracks than ever before in your whole, sordid, dinosaur history — YET THE SAME OR EVEN GREATER NUMBERS of young TBs are being KILLED for your stupid anti-sport each day. Meaning, you guys have to work harder than ever to hide your non-stop slaughterfest.
    At some point, do you think anyone within your “esteemed” organization is going to publicly come clean about your outright fraud? No? Neither do I. (But only because you’ve got ’em all locked-up and zipped-up through non-disclosure agreements.)
    So, carry on, TJC! You’re doing a…um, job. Just be sure to mentor your new pupils at HISA on your best dead-horse secrecy tricks.

    • Who knows? Maybe some of the members of The Jockey Club are also members of “the blue ribbon nominating committee” for the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority, speaking of secrecy and deception.

      • The more I look into (the comically-titled) HISA, the more convinced I’ve become that they really are just another glorified marketing arm of the thoroughbred racing industry — just like The Jockey Club, with every bit as much motivation for horse-killing secrecy.
        Here we are, one month in, and we know they’re sitting on a month’s worth of thoroughbred kill reports. But, will they even consider releasing them publicly? I just don’t know. You’d think they’d kinda need to, if for no other reason than to establish a credible baseline for all the “effectiveness” of their super-safe safety systems (ha ha). Then again, doing so would leave the Jockey Clubbers exposed as (ALMOST as) deceitful and fraudulent as they actually are…
        So, (the hilariously-named) HISA had better tread lightly — as in, not report ANY horse deaths at all. (From what I’ve seen so far, the uber-journalistic, fact-seeking, high-integrity racing press will be more than supportive of HISA in this regard.)

        • I give u guys created and salute ur passion…….but the sports isn’t leaving anytime too soon…..and if you look at the WHOLE PICTURE , the % of death in the sports is NOT BAD…in fact, a LOOSE look at just July 27 where there were 3 deaths entered, there were about 50 tracks racing….at perhaps 8 races per card, with about 7 horses per race leaving the starting gate………that’s [ and i AM low balling the number ] about 3,000 horses who ran that day, and 3 didn’t fair well…………let’s remember….any living thing with a heart beat will die sooner of later, and again, as to the Sport of Kings, it’s NOT going anywhere with those type of odds

          • I believe you’re actually highballing the number. Many tracks ran 3-5 horse fields, of which those numbers are dropping consistently, as people aren’t breeding as many or interested in this archaic industry anymore. That also doesn’t include others that were vanned or walked off with injuries, the majority of who’s outcomes we will never know.
            I know of 3 recent racehorses that finished their races “successfully”, but were diagnosed with career ending ankle fractures. Possibly life ending. So their outcomes remain to be seen, but they won’t be counted as a race day fatality.
            Ultimately- WHY is ANY death acceptable, for what is actually considered entertainment to feed gambling addictions?
            And it’s far from the “Sport of Kings”. No kings are involved in it here in America! The majority of owners and trainers are scraping by and desperate for any little pittance this industry throws at them.
            Handles at most of the smaller tracks are down dramatically- and the fair meets handles don’t cover a day of racing costs!
            So, pretty sure racing, especially at smaller tracks, will go by the wayside sooner than later. And if people think it’s a good idea to get into it at this point are pretty stupid. That’s why the big farms are starting to sell out. They see the writing on the wall!

        • Yes, HISA, both the Act and the Authority, are “glorified marketing arms” for horse racing as an industry. (Well put, Kelly!) The Act and the Authority were created to perpetuate racing and everything that goes with it. The rules for this and that to help prevent injuries are only created to preserve the number of horses that are viable as actual equine racing slaves as opposed to injured and dead cast-off “rivals” and “foes” in this gambling racket. Since the morally depraved human beings who make millions and billions of dollars in whatever way they can, and have a propensity to exploit horses, have not been able to figure out a way to bring a dead racehorse back to life, they are stuck with fewer and fewer horses for racing and breeding. To prevent injuries from such things as toe grabs and heel caulks, for example, is an attempt to prevent another viable racing slave from becoming another horse that can’t be entered into a race and exploited as a gambling chip, a “foe” and/or a “rival” for the wagering handle and all of the other hoopla that is the racing press. The breeding farms have not produced nearly as many horses in the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s & 2020s as they were in the 1960s so these people who have created this killing industry have to slow down on their KILLING or they are not going to have any horses left to force into the starting gates and so forth.

  3. To Colonel PT Barnum, or whatever your name is because I know that can’t be your real name: Nice try, but no cigar!!!!!!!
    If the current trend in declining populations of foal crops continues at the same rate of decline from 1990 to 2018 (this is 2022 and not all of the numbers were updated on the chart), there won’t be any new registrations for Jockey Club Thoroughbreds by the year 2052. There won’t be enough equine racing slaves left for this killing show and gambling racket.
    I don’t have the numbers of foal crops or new registrations for Standardbreds, but it is a no-brainer that their numbers have also declined in the last 30 or so years in the United States. I don’t know how old you are, but if I live to see the year 2052, I will be 99 and turning 100. So living to see the end of this so-called “Sport of Kings” (as the Jockey Club bills it) is definitely one reason to stay healthy, right? How about you, colonel?

    • Another thing, colonel, your lackadaisical attitude towards the killing of horses for racing, wagering, and your entertainment is representative of the general population of fans of this horse-killing shit show and gambling racket and, also, is one of the reasons why this industry is not going to stop killing horses for your entertainment or anyone else’s entertainment. Racing fans have this ability to be tuned out to the reality of the situation. They’re focused on the fun and good times they can have at a race meet and the betting. It appears to be insignificant to gambling addicts that horses die premature deaths due to the extremely abusive handling practices that their owners, trainers and jockeys/drivers subject their equine racing slaves to on a daily basis. The practice of starting young and underdeveloped colts and fillies out from approximately 18 months of age is inhumane in itself!!!! Since this whole industry doesn’t give a flying anything about how the young horses die or the very fact that they are killed due to the abuse involved in this gambling racket, I predict that this whole shit show will be crumbling down rapidly at some point before the year 2052!!!!
      The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority will only attempt to slow down the rate of killing. This horse-killing shit show will continue and it will continue to kill racehorses for the foreseeable future. Anybody who cares about the humane treatment of horses must do whatever they can where ever they are to be the voice for the horses. Who wants to be locked up in a cell or a stall for 23 hours a day for 7 days a week and, then anytime you’re let out of your confinement, you are definitely going to be whipped…? Who wants to do that??? What kind of a life is that????

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