Platinum Ice “Suffers Catastrophic Injury,” Dead at Parx Today

Platinum Ice in the 4th at Parx this afternoon: “was leading when she suffered a catastrophic injury near the far turn, was pulled up and subsequently euthanized.”

Some pertinent facts: Since being sold on Apr 27, new trainer Harold Wyner threw Platinum out there five times – three lasts, one second-to-last, dead; today was her third race in 19 days; Mr. Wyner (of course) had Platinum “For Sale” on her death day.


  1. Field of 5…the #3 horse almost fell coming out of the gate. Replay available now.hasn’t been deleted yet.

  2. Oh, Parx. You nasty dump of a horse-killing hellhole. Seriously. Is there anybody worse?
    Well, yes, I suppose there is: Thistledown seems to be giving you guys some serious competition. Oh, and all three Arizona desert dumps are right up there, too. And Florida’s world-famous meatgrinder tracks also rival you in the carnage department — they’re just better at covering up their kills. And Los Alamitos is always a factor, as are all their California cohorts, especially at the fairs(!). And Delaware. And Emerald. And Texas, and…
    Hey! I guess in the grand scheme of things, you Parx cretins aren’t so extraordinarily terrible after all, are you? Thank goodness (the comically-titled) HISA is so wildly effective in helping you make horse racing “SAFE” for your victims.

  3. PARX and all PA tracks only exist because of the hundreds of millions of casino subsidies handed out to them every single year.
    It doesn’t matter how many racehorses die because they are never held accountable.
    They will get their millions rubber stamped every single year so why would they want to change?
    Oh, and as a final scum move PLATINUM ICE made $690 for dying and made $250 in the prior race for barely making it through, then $630 for finishing last because it was a smaller field.
    All of this because of the insane amounts of money that horse racing gets for abusing and killing racehorses.
    I’m wondering what the update is on these subsidies?
    Weren’t they supposed to get greatly reduced and channeled into education?
    I haven’t heard anything – any updates?

    • The latest news article I found is dated February 16, 2022; Gov. Wolf trots out his college scholarship plan that has the horse racing industry saying ‘nay’ —
      It seems to be going nowhere since too many members of the legislature would rather have the millions of dollars going to support “agriculture” and “jobs” which means they are for horse racing, not making it possible for young people to get a college education/degree.

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