Ruidoso: 8 Babies Ambulanced-Off in 2 Days

One day after five 2-year-olds were ambulanced-off the Ruidoso racetrack, three more: One Racy Corona (born Feb 12, 2020), vanned away after the 2nd race; Cheetin Heart (born Feb 5, 2020), vanned away after the 6th race; Cytation (born Mar 4, 2020), vanned away after the 12th race. A hellhole. Look for our “action alert” Monday.

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  1. What’s going on here? The surface of this track must be in horrible condition! Does anybody care? This is a pattern.

    • Nope, nobody cares. (Nobody who’s in the sleazy, smarmy world of horse racing, anyway.)
      Worse, in the shitty Southwest desert dump tracks of Arizona and New Mexico, they have a quick and convenient disposal locale for all the “beloved athletes” injured there.
      So why WOULD they “fix” the surface? It’s simply not a problem for them.

  2. These horses are babies…they are probably running first race or so, scared,inexperienced, don’t know what is to happen or that they are supposed to run and win money for their lousy connections.

  3. Horseracing itself is fundamentally wrong!!!
    If I were going to bet on anything, it would be that these young, underdeveloped, immature colts/fillies are drugged up to their “gills” to get them to “win” a race at RUIDOSO DOWNS.
    This track is to Quarter Horses what Churchill Downs is to the Kentucky Derby, more or less.

  4. The Quarter Horse industry is morally bankrupt in so many areas, not just racing, but this is truly deplorable. Don’t get me started about how they train their “pleasure” horses. It’s difficult to even watch a Quarter Horse show. I’m so disgusted by this carnage in the racing world. I truly believe that some day people will look back on our horse racing industry the way that we look back on the Roman coliseum “entertainments” of feeding people to lions–with disbelief and disgust at what the human race is capable of.

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