Whipped, “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils” on Consecutive Days at Thistledown

In the 1st at Thistledown Monday, Qualifly “gave way late and returned bleeding from the nostrils” – which is indicative, of course, of pulmonary hemorrhage. While this is by no means unusual, I bring it to your attention because the 7-year-old Qualifly was being whipped (by Luis Rivera) right to the end, even after he began to fall back (no doubt because he was bleeding from the nostrils). Qualifly is the #4:

And would you believe that the very next day, it happened again. Yesterday, once again in the 1st race, 4-year-old Lilac Lace “gave way late and returned bleeding from the nostrils.” Lilac is the #6 (on the outside):

Thistledown, like all the other six Ohio tracks, is a racino, meaning it is being wholly propped up by slots revenue – slots revenue that would otherwise be going back to the state for education. If you’re an Ohio resident, let your voice be heard:

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  1. Why is it that very, very few who regularly attend races, justify the horse thrashing around on the ground with something broken, or losing blood, obviously distressed and in pain and fear? Maybe the first time, then horrified at the cruelty meted out on such magnificent animals, never go again?
    The answer is a total loss of empathy, a lack of humane feelings for an animal forced into this heinous industry.

  2. I can’t imagine being a jockey on any one of those horses, especially one like QUALIFLY (or LILAC LACE) suffering from EIPH and knowing that you have to not have a feeling for the horse; to be that cold-hearted to whip them knowing that the horse doesn’t have it anymore. You have to be one sadistic, cold-hearted s.o.b. to whip a horse repeatedly to get a paycheck and not get your ass chewed out by the trainer or someone else for not whipping the horse. All of the people involved in this gambling racket have to be cold-hearted animal abusers! That includes the stewards, trainers, trainers’ spouses, owners, lawyers, so-called Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association members, lobbyists who lobby for this EGREGIOUS CRUELTY, everyone!!!

    No person should be allowed to get paid to inflict pain and agonizing suffering on any horse!!!!!!

  3. Thistledown wins! (Hate to have to revise my estimation of the worst, most deadly, scummiest, creepiest, lowlife horse-killing track in the nation. But I think the usual leaders — Parx and any and all of the Arizona/New Mexico slaughterhouses — will now have to take a back seat to Thistledown.) Great work, guys.

    • Totally agree Kelly. But,as I’ve told the sad saga on this site before …. I was so fearful for a horse I loved at Parx, I talked with a trainer about my fears and he shipped him up to ny. Well, what ends up happening? … ny, ends up killing him in a race. My point is Kelly .. there is NO safe place for these BEAUTIFUL innocent souls. They are all evil scumbag low life killers of horses (the racetracks). Truth be told, in hindsight, he’d probably still be alive today if he hadn’t gone to ny.

  4. This is horrible abuse to whip a horse and abuse it causing it to bleed in the nostrils, The humans who are doing this have no feeling for the horses. I love horses and would never partake in such a cruel sport. Horseracing must be abolished!

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