3-Year-Old Collapsed Dead of “Apparent Heart Attack” at Churchill

According to the chart, Miniconjou did just fine in the 11th race at Churchill June 11 – finishing third and winning almost $13K for his people. The chartwriter, however, conveniently neglected to tell us what happened immediately after. This from the Racing Commission: “horse collapsed on the racetrack and died of an apparent heart attack.” An “apparent heart attack,” that is, at the age of three. But the news was not all bad: the jockey, says the Commission, “escaped injury.”

This is horseracing.


  1. It seems as though the chartwriter’s duties end when the race ends in these morally depraved episodes of abuse and killing of horses.

  2. Was it the heat or did he have flavor enhanced treats leading up to the race. This is SICKENING.

  3. Chartwriters at all Kentucky tracks suffer from a debilitating form of selective blindness that prevents them from seeing anything beyond the all-important finish line. Therefore, any after-the-wire mangled horses and jockeys — and even the presence of large vehicles like ambulances — tend to escape their notice.
    So let’s not discriminate. They have a disability and deserve our patient understanding with their constant and innocent oversights.

  4. The truth is they don’t know why the 3yr. Old collapsed and died on the track .
    For them to say it was an “apparent heart attack” just shows how nonchalant they are about these horses dropping dead. The old “apparent heart attack” is used over and over .
    That is the last that will be heard about Miniconjou and all the others.
    Hard to believe what racing gets away with.

    • P.S. All you defenders of racing go ahead and tell me again how much these people love their horses. They love them so much they are dumped on a pile of trash like Brigid Maloney was!!!

  5. I am sick of horses being abused and dying on the racetrack. The racing of horses must end!

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