Thank You, Long Island Herald

As previously mentioned, several outlets covered our Belmont Stakes protest last Saturday, one being the Long Island Herald. Please read to show support for, and gratitude to, the paper, and also consider leaving a comment.


  1. Finally, another point of view being expressed instead of just horse racing who has controlled the message to the public for years.
    Their never ending Kill Lists are justified under the banner of “sport” or “entertainment,” when we know that it is none of the two.
    Their never ending repeated lines of “love them like family,” “we treat them royally,” are nothing of the two.
    The horse racing message is not the only thing that they’ve controlled, but the never ending cash flow supported by resident taxpayers and/or casino profits that our elected politicians continue to rubber stamp.
    These politicians continue to rubber stamp hundreds of millions of dollars with little to no neutral oversight, with no mandatory aftercare contributions, with no public process in place like any other business that would have access to public funds.
    So thanks to the politicians who are finally questioning something that should have been questioned, reviewed by neutral public accountants, and the entire process should have been open to public review and input.
    Thanks to all groups and/or individuals who have brought this to where it’s at now.

  2. Say you end racing in America tomorrow. Where does this go? Do you go overseas to continue your pursuit? Do you venture into Saudi Arabia at some point to tackle those oil pockets that can offer the largest purses in the world? Because I think all it will do is kill the small guys and gals. The big US owners, trainers and jockeys will just go overseas. Racing in America will end, but the sport will just grow abroad.

    • Good, let them go. As long as WE are not unnecessarily KILLING innocent horses. It’s about doing the RIGHT thing.

    • At present, we can speculate ad infinitum — after Horseracing in America is obliterated, we will broach the issue of what to do next at that time.

      • Frankly, I don’t care about the people involved in this absolute horrific animal abuse. I only care about the animals. Plus there’s a worker shortage in usa right now. They will have numerous opportunities to find work.

    • Hey, “Honest question” — How about giving your “honest” name for starters?
      Horseracing is Animal Cruelty in every geographical location that it exists, so more power to the legal residents of all of the countries that have horseracing to stand up and speak out on behalf of the horses. The horses need honest and dedicated representation to get the protection they desperately need and deserve from their human predators and exploiters!
      CONGRATULATIONS to all of the people who made this milestone possible — this milestone of achievement in EXPOSING & EDUCATING the UNACCEPTABLE and corrupt horse-killing gambling racket!!!!
      There needs to be more and more exposing the egregious cruelty to horses in this egregious-cruelty-to-horses gambling racket!
      Educating the public is key!!!!!
      The taxpayers UNWITTNGLY and/or unwillingly support this industry rife with ABUSE, BRUTALITY & CRUELTY to horses. This whole industry needs to be recognized as the SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE blight on society that it is!!!!!

      • The typical indifference to the abuse and killing of horses is glaringly evident in this so-called “Honest question” that appears to be from someone involved in this industry of exploiting horses for corporate welfare.
        Besides that, the rich owners and trainers already do go overseas. That’s nothing new, but it can’t grow without public funding. The greedy rich want anybody and everybody else to sacrifice basic necessities so they can “enjoy” the excessively lavish lifestyle while killing horses and calling it a sport. Only morally depraved minds could do this.

        • Thanks for the new info — (“new” for me) — Owner & Trainers ALREADY go overseas ? — Look at that !! — you’re right, though : they could not live their lavish lifestyles with GOVT help — give me a moment to vomit!

          • You’re welcome, mssm8822. I think you meant to say “without” GOVT help (tax breaks, subsidies, tax write-offs, tax exemptions, corporate welfare) to keep the — prepare to vomit, get puke buckets ready — so-called “dream” alive for the morally depraved “horse people” (as they sometimes call themselves). Our government needs to stop letting billionaires off the hook when it comes to paying their fair share of taxes!

            • YES — I meant, “without” — thank you for catching /// again, thanks for new info.

  3. Why should trainers get rich by doing something that is so vile,amoral ,despicable, and quite frankly a sin abusing a sentient being?

  4. Thank You, Long Island Herald — HORSERACING — GREAT NEWS — spreading the TRUTH about this vile industry is a must — let’s keep at it —

  5. Thank you for telling the TRUTH!, and shinning a light on what Horse Racing REALLY is!!!

  6. Thank you so much for reporting the truth about horse racing. Animal exploitation and cruelty is abhorrent and those who engage need to be called out! This sorry excuse for entertainment and sport kills thousands of young innocent horses with our tax dollars!

    • It’s true! Horseracing does kill innocent horses at the expense of taxpayers! It’s an unacceptable blight on society as a whole.

  7. Long Island Herald is awesome and deserves to be commended for being on the right side of the humane battle against the horrible history of the many cruelties inflicted on innocent horses by the industry of horses racing.

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