Colt Killed at Churchill Today

Gingrich, a “went wrong, vanned off” in the 2nd at Churchill this afternoon, is, I can confirm, dead. He was three years old; this was his eighth time under the whip.


  1. Chart caller claims “went wrong” how vomit worthy is THAT? Like it’s the horse’s fault. Shut this down!

  2. Awkward step… I think this is the first time I have heard the racetrack announcer say “awkward step” for a racehorse suffering an injury during a race.
    Horseracing is definitely CRUELTY to horses by morally depraved degenerates and for morally depraved degenerates.
    This CRUELTY to horses must END!!!!!

  3. mike repole was quoted in an interview very recently “it’s a very selfish sport”. How many things are wrong with this interview quote? First of all mr. repole it’s NoT a sport. It’s something for the “idle rich” to have something … anything, to occupy their shallow lives …. to relieve boredom.

    • It is for very selfish people though — the abuse and killing of horses and calling it a sport. It’s for very morally depraved selfish people.
      These Thoroughbred race horses are Thoroughbred horses — not Thunderbird Used Cars that run faster and farther on specially formulated, high octane fuel that makes them perform even better in triple-digit heat. Remember PHLORIDA PHAT-BOY trainer from Gulfstream Park, Saffie Joseph, Jr.?

  4. The jockey I was referencing yesterday is Jovan Figueroa …. who gave the sickest most sadistic ride I’ve ever witnessed in my life. That ride in July 2017, was what got me involved in this most awesome cause. The horse had gone lame and lost action shortly out of gate …. but he whipped the horse til the very bitter end, actually forced him (the horse) to finish race. This Egregious Evil must be stopped and thrown into dust pile of human atrocities ….like world war ll.

    • Bonnie, do you remember the name of the horse that this Jovan Figueroa whipped mercilessly?

      • I most certainly do, Wanda. The poor 2yr old, had to be euthanized after crossing the finish line. I am not going to post his name (the horse’s name), because frankly I do NOT trust some of the types that are involved in this evil torturing of animals. I’m sure you understand.

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