“Sudden Death” for Adolescent at Golden Gate

Silver Lyric, says the CHRB, suffered a “sudden death” while training at Golden Gate Tuesday. She was but four years old, a mere adolescent. “Sudden death.” She is the eighth dead horse at Golden Gate this year – but fifth in the past three weeks.

This is horseracing.

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      • Wanda,you took the words out my mouth…I feel for all of them but the gray ones tug at my heartstrings.

  1. Ok, here’s the truth. You’ve got scumbags in ny who try to portray themselves as against the animal abuse of horse racing …. susie rasher, barbara livingston …and other spoiled born into wealth ny. Oh , but how on their social media, twitter and such …. they like to make it seem like 😱oh, I’m so outraged and sickened by these deaths. You corny phony baloney’s. We see through you …you lazy phonies born into ny wealth, and this is the evil scum you did with your life. susie, you and barbara, are promoting and advocating for this MURDER to continue. Get a real job. Please Patrick, do not erase this post. These phonies need to read the truth. If they truly cared about the horses they take pictures of, they would pursue an endeavor that would save horses.Remember what I’m saying … they are not hard up …. they don’t need to be promoters of this EVIL. But yet on social media,they want all of you to think … see, I post things about rescues and such to try and find homes for all these unwanted horses. They are ny PHONEY, pure and simple. U evil phonies. Kelly, I too have NEVER felt more pride, to be an Alpha Supporter of this MOST worthy cause! If you(susie rashier/barbaralivingston) truly were sickened, you would leave, and do an honorable J.O.B. Everyone needs to see the phonies for what they are.Don’t be fooled by wolves in sheep’s clothing. And of course barbara’s most favorite horse of all time was Ruffian .. did that make barbara see the light …. no. She goes on promoting 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    • Are these two individuals advocates for Thoroughbred Aftercare, the racing industry’s way of saying they care (yeah, right!) but have no intentions of stopping the routine abuse, brutality, cruelty and carnage of the horses?

      • No. Don’t even try to pretend, just living an easy life of not much. Being a photog, is an easy peasy life. This is the insane bs that sends my blood pressure souring. Let’s Do the right thing people and no more killing for NO reason. While they try to cloak themselves in being lovers of ANIMALS …. yeah, give me a break.

        • Frankly, I had not heard of these two individuals until your post, Bonnie; at least not that I can remember of.
          After googling Susie Rashier, I found two different pages online with photographs of Thoroughbred race horses to her credit more or less promoting New York Breeders and the NYRA. So you’re saying that these two make a point of showing outrage on social media pretending to be for the horses while they are exploiting the horses in their own way. They’re not advocating to stop the routine daily ABUSE & killing. With friends like that, who needs enemies…

  2. For me, unlike barbara livingston …. it only took ONE time of seeing a VOMIT worthy race, where a horse I knew very well, to have the cruelest jockey abuse, leading to sickening DEATH. But, yet you barbara your supposed horse(Ruffian)that got you into this scum, the supposed love of your life, her breaking down still didn’t deter you??????? WTF? Why did this not turn you off, and see the truth of what this lazy scumbag evil it is? Why should people like no chin Todd and others become Uber wealthy off of pure evil? They, you and your ilk like Todd, should NOT become wealthy off of the DEAD bodies of animals. All of you are lazy scum, making money off of suffering of animals.

  3. I wouldn’t have made it … after the July 3rd 2017 jockey abuse death I witnessed if it hadn’t been for Joanne Normile ( yes,The Joanne Normile) of this most worthy fight. Someday I’m thinking of writing about the total bullshit I’ve gone through trying to protect these innocent horses. I didn’t need to take on this difficult (understatement) cause, but, given ME, and my very essence … I simply cannot back down from a fight for true justice. Joanne, I will never be able to thank you enough.Only true animal lovers are affected by this greedy evil bullshit. If you go on about your business as usual, you are a FRAUD.

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