The stewards at Ruidoso have fined jockey Juan Rivas (amount not important; he still gets to keep his job) for “excessive use of the whip” on Rigged Right Saturday. It was excessive, the stewards say, because the 3-year-old was “a well-beaten horse.” Double entendre, defined. So how “well-beaten”? Dead last, 17 lengths back.

This is horseracing.


  1. Rigged Right is trained by Gregg Sanders – Tara Sanders’ (half of the Jacob Thompson/Sanders horse dealers duo who buy horses with the “intent to export them to Mexico for slaughter”) father. Daddy Sanders has a quick and easy direct line to send his unwanted racehorses off to be strung up by a hind leg and butchered alive.

    • Wait a minute… Are you certain that all of these horses are strung up without being stunned between the eyes first?

      • Exactly, Wanda…they are merely “stunned”, not killed – incapacitated by a puntilla knife to the spine or captive bolt to the head – then strung up, throats slit, butchered. Alive while their beating hearts drain their bodies of blood.

        • The horrors of the industrialized slaughter business are unimaginable. Those who make their money in this abomination are not average humans with a sense of right and wrong and compassion. They are different…
          Many who supply this business are shiftless cowards who don’t want to know….
          Others are overtly willing participants.
          Regardless, the horror these helpless animals endure at the hands of humans is a huge festering sore on the soul of humanity.

  2. Juan Rivas deserves to be whipped as punishment for how badly he treats the horses. I would hope this would teach him a lesson.

    • Jan, based on my research over many years the fines and suspensions never have been and never will be a deterrent. The jockeys will continue to beat these poor horses. Trainers and owners often instruct riders to ‘give it plenty of stick’ with the promise of a lucrative sling and/or we’ll pay any fine imposed if the horse wins.
      The pathetic global whip rules are only there for the industry to be seen to be doing something about it knowing full well that the rules/penalties
      are a complete failure. And they have the gall to declare that the welfare of the horse is paramount and why have these so-called rules if the whip doesn’t hurt the horse. Peter V’landys head of Racing NSW in Australia has stated publicly that the whip doesn’t hurt the horse when the science says that it does. And on that, one doesn’t need science to prove that fact. If you whipped a dog with a whip he would yelp and cower but the horse is a prey animal and he is unable to display that he’s in pain from being whipped.

      • I agree with you, Carolyn, except I beg to differ on the point that horses don’t display pain even though they obviously don’t display the feeling of pain in the same way many other types of mammals display pain.
        Racehorses display pain by running faster when they are whipped. Their physical posture changes somewhat or something to that effect. Just because they don’t scream or cry in the same way certain other animals or humans do doesn’t mean that they don’t feel the pain of the whip or the pain of broken bones and any other kind of pain, as you well know of course. I have seen pictures of horses grimacing in pain from I think it was castration but it may have been something else. Anyway, the people that say that whips don’t hurt need to be restrained so they can’t get away and whipped relentlessly so they can get more of a learn by doing or having it done to them kind of experience.

  3. This entire business from top to bottom is pure evil.
    It’s nothing but a killing and corrupt business that maliciously makes the racehorses pay every step of the way.
    It’s a complete and total waste of taxpayers money and casinos should not be forced to support it either.
    I can’t think of any other business in this country that must hand over a percentage of their profits to support another business that is not financially sustainable and that they have nothing to do with.
    I looked over all races on Saturday and calculated the purse money for just that one day (the only day where the grandstand is full because otherwise it’s empty for the rest of the year) and it added up to $5,757,000!!
    So for a total of 26 minutes (13 races @ 2 minutes each on average) that’s $221,423 for every minute while many New Yorkers are financially struggling to keep their business doors open with no handouts.
    What an afront to the hard working people and communities in New York state and, furthermore, most people pay sales taxes when they buy something, but not horse racing.
    Plus, about 70% of the owners (the ones who will get this money) don’t even live in New York.
    This is the same pattern for most big race days at tracks in different states.
    They spend an obscene amount of purse money, supported by local residents and communities, for people who don’t live there, and who don’t do anything for those communities.
    They fly in, some on private jets, take the money and leave – cha ching – thank you New York.
    About the only thing their good at is killing racehorses.
    Which brings me to my next point.
    I’ve always been the one to comment about equine insurance on this site and it’s a known fact that 10% of racehorses are insured for big bucks.
    Then I’ve accumulated a list of highly suspicious deaths for, what seems to be, equine insurance payouts.
    Recently, a top stallion named LAOBAN was killed due to an administration of “vitamins” and “mineral supplements.”
    We probably would not have heard about this unless a lawsuit was filed by the owners of Laoban against the insurance companies who’ve denied the payout based on negligence.
    This stallion was insured by no less than 4 insurance companies with the amount rumored to be in the millions.
    I beg to ask: how many other racehorses were administered a concoction of “vitamins” and “minerals” and sent out to the track to die?
    I think lots of them and what happens when horse racing kills horses and then gets denied insurance payouts?
    Well, they sue of course.
    Their self-entitlement to kill racehorses for whatever reason or no reason at all is on full display.
    What a disgusting, vile and corrupt business and it’s so sad that they racehorses pay every single damn day.

    • They fly over my house all day and land at the airport not far from the racino only to return and fly out later. Bye bye dollars

    • When I mentioned insurance on racehorses, I was informed that most owners don’t have insurance on their horses. I believe that when the rich owners dabble in horseracing and can afford to own horses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, or whatever price they put on them, that they would naturally have insurance on them. I can understand how the owners of claiming horses wouldn’t have insurance but, get real, the owners of the higher level horses? Of course they would have insurance!

  4. Money. That is all they care about. What a sad world we live in. I have seen so many horrible things online about the suffering of animals. This needs to stop 🛑! God bless the animals. 🛑❌🙏🏇🏻🐴😭🤬💀

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