Update: 2-Year-Old at Delta Broke Both Front Legs and Is Dead

I have confirmed that Tf Fortunate One is indeed dead after suffering a horrific fall at Delta Friday. Track officials say that the 2-year-old “broke both of its [note: ‘its,’ not ‘his’] front legs.” Again, this is what two broken legs looks like:


  1. Every single day my heart breaks reading of all these unnecessary deaths of beautiful animals. I am saddened to my very core that it seems not to matter. WHY is this still happening has humanity been lost altogether, We as humans are failing the planet, Failing all our fellow earthlings in all shapes & sizes. We can NEVER be forgiven.

  2. Perhaps I shouldn’t say this but I personally wish it had been the jockey that had broken his legs instead…that may have made some people ‘realise’ how brutal and cruel horse-racing truly is as they seem to notice when a jockey is injured but with the horses…its carry on business as usual, lets not give a damn.

    • Even though there are times when jockeys get hurt, paralyzed and/or killed, business as usual goes on at the racetracks. They notice it, they announce it in the racing trade publications, but it doesn’t stop them from racing and killing horses.

    • There is no respect for life in this business.
      When a jockey or someone is killed there is an outpouring of sympathy which I find disingenuous because true respect for life is not species specific.
      Respect for life is not compartmentalized you either have it or you don’t – people in racing do not.

  3. Did a two year old baby deserve to die from snapping off both front legs? Let’s eliminate fly over country, and poof. It’s gone.(horse racing) I say this because you can at least talk larger picture with the people living on the coasts. Example … you take horse racing away from ky , they would have nothing. I mean really, how much sickeningly sweet,thick, whiskey and bourbon can one drink?

    • Political slants do nothing to help. You may have meant something slightly different than you wrote, but nothing there is helpful or accurate.

      • I have had conversations with coastal politicians, on Both coasts,always got responses … always. If ky did the RIGHT thing and eliminated horse racing, and breeding … they would only have whiskey industry left. So, it’s like hanging on desperately to only real thing you have. I always get responses back from coastal states. So, what conclusion would you make?

  4. One of sadist thing is, no Governor wanted to eliminate horse subsidies more than Governor Tom Wolf, of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, unlike ny, he has always had an opposite party majority in the state legislature, that’s where ny has an easier go of it. If Tom Wolf had only had, sky would’ve been limit..

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