Our Preakness Protest, in Pictures

Saturday, HW will be hosting a protest at the Belmont Stakes in New York. Remember, change only happens when we the people demand it. And, like every other great social-justice movement in our nation’s history, it starts in the streets. So please, if possible, join us. Here is what our protest at the Preakness last month looked like:


  1. AGREED – SHUT DOWN this evil, brutal business — in this industry, Horses do NOT amount to a hill of beans

  2. The horses say THANK YOU to Patrick and all who attended for being their voice.

  3. Awesome!!! I won’t be going near there as I hate horse racing but thank you for speaking up!!! I follow this site and share it on my Facebook and Twitter religiously!!!! However my dad and I will be in New York this weekend and I will wear an End Horse Racing Now shirt I bought on RedBubble. I will wear that, all of Saturday, no matter where I am. And if somehow my grandmother who we are visiting (an animal advocate vegetarian who still follows and loves horse racing) convinced my dad to get tickets, well then hopefully one the sight of your protest will change her and two I’ll join y’all!!!! I mean I’m already going to the Nation wide wild horse rally in Albany the day before so if circumstances provide Im down for another protest!

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