3-Year-Old Killed at Fairmount

Ghaaleb’s Big Win at Fairmount yesterday: “sustained a serious injury after the first furlong, was pulled up, euthanized and taken off the track.” Again, that’s euthanized, then “taken off the track” – but of course. Ghaaleb was a mere three years old.


  1. Sadly the horse ambulances were busy yesterday both here and in Canada.
    I found it interesting that out of all the deaths and vanned offs, only one was asked about on twitter, and of course, no updates. This is how much those that are in racing or bet on racing just REALLY DONT CARE about these horses and what becomes of them.

    • They don’t care and they don’t want it “talked about” on a public forum. Additionally, they flat out lie if someone DOES ask about a vanned off horse or one that did not finish – “oh they’re fine”, they say, only to find out later the horse had been euthanized.

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