Tf Fortunate One in the 5th at Delta Downs yesterday…

Tf is (was, probably) just two years old; this was his third time under the whip.


  1. “We had a horse go down right before the wire” said the announcer. That was absolutely horrible!!!!!!!!!! This practice of ROUTINELY ABUSING HORSES should be recognized as the Felony Animal Cruelty that it is!!!!!

  2. It is not only the horses down on the tracks with smashed limbs, pelvises, spines and necks (horrible and gut wrenching as it is) There is the abuse that goes on behind the scenes. The drugging, the shock therapies, the “milk shakes” along with neglect of sick horses. Most of the horses standing in their stalls are suffering from digestive tract ulcers, destroyed limb cartilage while still being worked.
    In addition the horses are claimed over and over, shuffled from barn to barn while being overworked and patched up to get them to the starting gates.
    Many horses are dead before they reach maturity . The survivors, the tough, are rewarded by continued abuse as long as they “refuse” to breakdown or drop dead. These people don’t care when or how they finally succumb.
    Lets not forget the horses that quietly disappear. In 2015 there was an effort in NY to trace every horse that raced in the state from 2010 to 2012. More than half were untraceable – just disappeared.

    • I suspect that many of those untraceable horses that disappeared were sold to killbuyers who then fudged the paperwork to get them to appear “legal” in order to ship them to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada. I’ve read about some of the despicable and disgusting things that these sub-humans do to the horses to remove the lip tattoos in order to make the horses appear “legal” to ship as well as hiding the identities of the horses.

    • Correction and clarification:
      Of the 3,894 New York-Bred Thoroughbreds that raced ( not just at NY tracks) during the 2 yr. span, 2,023 could not be accounted for.

      • Another sickening aspect of this brutal so-called “sport of kings”.

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