Another Kill for Belmont, NYRA

In the slop at Belmont yesterday, Dini’s Destiny finished 7th (of 8) in a “maiden claiming race” (none of the horses had ever won). She, the chartwriter says, “made no impact, then got vanned off after the finish.” In fact, she is dead – examined, x-rayed, euthanized, reports the Gaming Commission. Dini was three years old.


  1. “In the SLOP” Anyone who has followed HRW’s, knows I’ve been raising hell about running in SLOP for YEARS.

  2. If you read this poor baby girls pp’s, it was abundantly clear she was unsound from her first race on …. til they killed her. She shouldn’t have even been competing.

  3. OMG, this is heartwrenching! Why did they murder her? Because she didn’t perform as well as they wanted her to? I can’t stop crying!!! Poor sweet baby!

    • It is a mystery as to what her injuries were. There’s no reason given why they vanned her off and no reason given why she was euthanized. Horseracing needs to be banned!!!! The people who do these horrible atrocities to horses need to be put in jail for FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!!

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