“Oh Gee” – Just Another Kill

In the 7th at Mountaineer last night, four horses started, three finished. This for Crossthebay, who was “leading” most of the way: “Crossthebay took a bad step as the rider jumped off near the wire and was euthanized on the track.” Still (and of course), the “Winner’s Circle” carried on – mustn’t deprive these lowlifes of their moment.

Watch the whipping down the stretch. Abuse, till the bitter end…


  1. Horseracing is horse abuse regardless of where your ancestors came from or where you live now. Having a track announcer with a British accent really adds a touch of class to Mountaineer…???? The so-called Sport of Kings is a man-made disaster and must be recognized as the psychopathic equicidal abuse that it is. At the very least, the jockey jumped off instead of staying on and whipping the horse, CROSSTHEBAY, some more like some of the jockeys do.

  2. R.I.P. Crossthebay. I’m so sorry your short life was spent in such circumstances and you died in the dirt in pain.
    I’m always amused by how Americans are seduced by British accents! There are many regional accents in Britain that do not sound too “classy”.
    Further, it would take a lot more than an announcer’s accent to add class to Mountaineer or any other track, for that matter!

    • Who in their right mind could think mountaineer is classy? Please call medics stat. No horse track is “classy” 🤮

      • I was being sarcastic, but according to the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort website, they are one of the area’s premier destinations in the state. They say that their horseracing is “world-class” Thoroughbred racing.
        Nauseating, yes. Here is a race with four horses running and they fatally injure one horse (CROSSTHEBAY) leaving three horses left to be abused another day. Of course, this horrible killing show needs to be shutdown! They’ll be whining about the lack of horses available to beat the crap out of so people can have live entertainment. It’s beyond nauseating!!!

        • Cameras in the area where the horses are stabled are not welcome, as in turn your cameras off and get out of here!!! That was in a PETA video at a racetrack in West Virginia; not sure if it was Mountaineer or Charlestown.

  3. Forced myself to watch it — wish I hadn’t. Nonetheless, I feel the need to (again) give a special shout-out to that brave hero jock, Luis Batista. Not sure why his name stands out; anyone remember why he’s known for pulling horse-killing stunts like this?

    Of course, I’m pretty sure the folks at shitty, shitty Mountaineer will try to say Mr. Batista did the right thing by bailing on the breakdown he caused. After all, racehorses are highly replaceable; abusive human sadists are not…
    Well, they are. But it’s just not as “convenient” for horse-killing officials to have to explain away their mangled-or-worse jockeys. Best to minimize those fatalities. So, good job, Luis! Glad you’ll live to kill another day.

  4. Has ANYONE ever noticed how heartbreakingly sad the horses in west virginia look? It’s like they KNOW.

  5. Using any animal for so called sports should be stopped. Animals are not ours to eat, beat or raced to death.

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