Defend This, Apologists

Back in February, I reported on the death of Peacebethejourney at Turfway. According to the chart, Peace “fell in distress.” Here are the details from the KHRC: “complete luxation of the fetlock joint; [multiple] fractures; severe tearing of the suspensory ligament.” Oh, and the 3-year-old also hemorrhaged in the lungs, and suffered from lymphoplasmacytic hepatitis and gastric ulceration. Any comments, apologists?


  1. Hey apologists, you can’t tell me that PEACEBETHEJOURNEY did not show signs of being so very ill with lymphoplasmacytic hepatitis.

    Oh this poor baby – i hate to think of his suffering.
    And for a 3 year old horse to be suffering from ulcers at such a young age indicates that his day to day life in the “stewardship” of the racing industry was hell.

    And to the trainer, owner, handlers, riders, vets, et al, you did nothing and allowed this helpless innocent animal suffer a terrible death.

    You mongrel bastards.

  2. Why ask for comment from individuals outside your organization when all such comments are deleted?

  3. Where are those backside track workers who don’t get paid a living wage now? Please let us know how “amazing” it is to have a job “taking care of” horses that are not able to make the choice of walking away from this human-induced suffering to horses — this so-called “amazing care” that is the equivalent of Felony Animal Cruelty.

  4. For the life of me,I can’t understand HOW these humans get away with this. How can you not know a living creature is suffering to the point of no return.

  5. Horse racing has been operating with total impunity from even our most minimal Felony Animal Cruelty laws for years.
    They accomplish this by setting-up a false narrative that the racing commissions are a legal entity that enforces punishment on racehorses.
    We know that this is simply not true, in fact, most all racing commissioners own racehorses usually under hidden ownership or syndicates.
    So the main bogus body is called the ARCI (Association of Racing Commissioners International) whose members own racehorses, ship them all over the place, use the rules & regulations in their favor and run horse racing.
    Their tentacles run deep into the trainer’s barns whom train for them, directly into the racing offices, and into the racing commissioners applying the rules and regulations on tracks all over the place.
    They are deeply connected to the large breeding barns and they have a strong hand into the doping process and testing on tracks all over the place.
    This is all being conducted under a shroud of secrecy with little to no transparency while they are controlling and abetting widespread corruption throughout the horse racing industry essentially manipulating the outcome of races involving millions in wagering profits.
    They ensure, more or less, the widespread abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment of racehorses all over the world and they operate under the secrecy and total lack of transparency under their ARCI umbrella.
    “Private Directory for Members and Associate Members Only – No Public Access” this is taken right off their website so we don’t even know who the members are.
    They’ve never been interviewed or questioned because we don’t even know who they are!
    This is all going on while most racing jurisdictions are getting hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer/casino funded subsidies many of whom bow down to the members of the ARCI – members unknown!
    This deeply corrupt killing business is now going to be held to minimum oversight via HISA and the horse racing people, those in power, don’t like it one bit.
    In fact, Texas had just threatened to shut down horse racing if HISA sticks their nose into their business.
    Texas is a state that doesn’t receive casino money, but has been receiving major tax breaks and millions in taxpayers money for years while they continue to kill racehorses.
    These people in power have been getting away with their killing and corruption show for so long now that they are hell bent on continuing business as usual.
    When will our politicians shut down this sham or, in the least, END any and all public funding and/or subsidies?

    • Incidentally, the ARCI has a best buddy and that’s SCOTT CHANEY head of the CHRB who was supposedly paid a handsome “appearance fee” to speak at their most recent convention including flight and hotel fees.
      Whether he was paid or not, perhaps on the sly, this piece of the puzzle fits right doesn’t it?
      Mr. Chaney praised the ARCI as if it was a heavenly body adorning all that they say and do and, of course, pointing out that their safety measures have greatly reduced the death rate at Santa Anita.
      Their agenda reads like an immortal wish list for all horse lovers and horse groups that oppose horse racing as a very strong tranquilizer if you will.
      However, their past agendas FOR YEARS are pretty much the same and nothing has changed because the corruption and the dying hasn’t skipped a beat.
      This bogus ARCI whose members are racehorse owners, breeders, investors and who control the rules & regulations doping process all the while letting their trainers get away with doping and killing it seems.
      There are no neutral organization over looking the ARCI complete and total power over their voiceless victims.
      Nothing more – nothing less.

  6. Unnecessary death and suffering that CAN be stopped. But, yet they will argue nothing can be done. Sound familiar?? Greediness of people is the worst evil.

  7. The irony of this poor horse’s name and the life he was forced to live is heart breaking.

    • There is no honest, valid or truthful defense of horseracing because it is ABSOLUTE CRUELTY TO HORSES. There is no justification for victimizing horses and pretending that it’s okay. But people are free to go ahead and make it known what kind of person they are either way.

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