2-Year-Old Dead at Golden Gate

The CHRB has disclosed the death of Honey Doo at Golden Gate Friday – “accident in stall.” She was just two years old and had yet to be raced.

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  1. How do you have an accident in a stall
    Which is supposedly a safe place to keep horses?

  2. Too many “stall accidents”!!!
    And what kind of “stall accident” was it, CHRB???
    This business is so dangerous for horses they are not even safe in the stalls!!! We will never know the truth as to what really happens to these poor horses.

  3. These people can count on “a little help from their friends” for their coverups.
    When I tried to get a necropsy report under the FOIA on a “stall accident” I was informed by a spokesperson for the state agricultural department it would not be released because of “privacy” concerns.

    • Privacy concerns? That’s ILLEGAL for them to not allow FOIA requests. Obviously, they know they have something to hide.

  4. It’s money that drives these despicable humans.maybe a bit of fame,notoriety.There is no love for these poor animals.they are just a means to an end. Morons

  5. Obviously keeping horses penned up in stall for most of their days is not as safe as we’ve been led to believe. **Eye Roll** For the poor horses, it must be like being locked up in jail.

  6. WTF is wrong with people – a 2 year old dead in her stall – not buying it assholes – there is more to this story without a doubt, just that we will never know what really happened to her. Just another horse racing cover up. All I can say is that this 2 year old BABY who still belonged at home not at a race track – is probably better off than what was going to happen to her on the track. Just another senseless death caused by more of the common human greed. These race tracks are nothing but kill zones and need to be stopped.

  7. No horse is safe being exploited for racing by these phony, pseudo-horsemen!!!!!
    Keeping horses locked up in stalls is unhealthy for the horses’ physical and mental health. It’s torture for the horses!!!!
    Horses are not designed to be locked up in stalls longer than ten hours a day. Horses are not designed to be forced to run carrying weight with a bulimic, whip-happy sadist on their back, especially when they are not mature!!!!
    Everything that these despicable people do to the horses for racing is wrong!!!!!

  8. How do you have an accident in the stall. This sounds very corrupt. Don’t believe it!

  9. Yeah, but isn’t it GREAT that the Stronachs’ lesser California Death Track had gone more than FOUR MONTHS without any fatalities prior to Honey Doo’s?
    I mean, back in January, Golden Gate Killing Fields was under (the usual) pressure from the highly-credible, not-corrupt-at-all CHRB to cut their horse killing waaaay, way down. And they did, right? Apparently so! (We all believe the CHRB’s claim that their super-scientific Equine Fatalities List is accurate and all-inclusive. Don’t we? No? Well, okay.)
    In either case, the current scheduled death spike is now at Santa Anita. Golden Gate’s not supposed to (re-)start theirs for a few more weeks. Then, it’s time for Del Mar’s. then Los Alamitos’, then, back to…well, it hardly matters, does it? The point is, they all TAKE TURNS, so as not to overwhelm the CHRB with “too many” horse kills to not report at the same time.
    Because “Cal Racing Cares,” you know.

  10. HONEY DOO this poor baby filly’s first official workout was on 4/20/2022.
    Her birthday is 3/20/2020.
    So in order to get any racehorse to officially post their first official workout they usually have at least 3 months of breaking and training into them.
    That would mean that this filly had hard and intense pressure on her under developed muscoskeletal system at just over 1 years old – 1 years old!
    That’s equivalent to a human baby in diapers being forced to run the marathon more or less.
    Then there’s the mental and emotional trauma of being subjugated for human purpose.
    It’s beyond brutal and her death was probably horrific which is why they won’t post the details.
    Another CHRB cover-up like the deaths that are probably being hidden as well.

    • Heart breaking. It would be kinder for them to kill them outright. The mental anguish alone. I don’t know how they can justify this.

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  11. At this point, there isn’t a single aspect of horse racing that ISN’T totally corrupt, criminal and full of abuse to the point of death. How this entire business and all the wretched characters involved in what is clearly an industry-wide coverup isn’t the subject of multiple in-depth investigations is beyond belief.
    I hate everything about this.

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