“Collapsed and Expired”

No More Miracles at Finger Lakes today: “collapsed and expired after a.m. workout.” That’s “collapsed and expired,” at six – the usual age of maturity for a horse.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Finger Lakes is another hellhole for horses that needs to be terminated from all government subsidies and government-directed benefits!!!

  2. TES! Along with that other hellhole, Penn National. There is even a book about Penn National as a “hard luck racetrack.” The only hard luck is experienced by the horses that are there, poor things.

  3. No More Miracles’ story is typical of horses in the claiming ranks. And as we know, the “claiming game” is where the vast majority of the horses are used.
    He was a dark bay gelding foaled in NY on 17 March 2016. He was bred by an outfit called Miracle Racing Partners.
    All 35 of his starts were in claiming races except for the 5 races at Belmont and Aqueduct at the start of his “career” as a 2 yr. old. He trailed in those races so it was on to Finger Lakes and the claiming ranks. Then as he is being prepared for another season of abuse at Finger Lakes, he dropped dead just as he reached maturity.
    R.I.P. No More Miracles. There were no miracles for you. But now there is no more abuse.

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