No Fewer Than Three Heatstrokes at Keeneland

Recent notes from the stewards at Keeneland. While reading, bear in mind that Keeneland is a top-5 track; imagine what goes on at the cheap ones.

Apr 15:
“The claim of Frolic More was voided when horse bled and was placed on Vet’s List.”

“Bedtime for Buffy was scratched on advice of Commission vet.”

Apr 16:
“Soros finished last and required assistance of vets. It was later reported that the horse had [suffered] a post-race heatstroke.”

“Violenza finished ninth and bled.”

“Shantisara returned lame and required the horse ambulance.”

Apr 20:
“Magic Tap was a late scratch on advice of Commission vet.” (was to be his first race)

“The claim of Beep Beep was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List.”

“Invader finished last – returned lame and required the horse ambulance.”

Apr 23:
“Charge the Line was injured in the starting gate and was scratched.”

“Oaxaca suffered a heatstroke and required the horse ambulance.”

“Two Emmys suffered a post-race heatstroke and required vet.”

Apr 24:
“The claim of Fire On Time was voided when the horse was placed on Vet’s List.”

Apr 27:
“Izzy Em fell behind the starting gate and was scratched.”

Apr 28:
“Red Ghost was injured in the paddock and was scratched.”

Apr 29:
“The claim of American Tattoo was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List.”

“The claim of Mejthaam was voided when horse bled and was placed on Vet’s List.”

“The claim of Sleepless Dream was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List.”

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  1. It’s BAU for the cruel creeps. Keep fighting the good fight. Compassion will win out. Ban horse racing!

    • And it’s considered a top tier track. So if this is going on at the top, it’s even more disgusting to think about the poor horses running at the mountaineers, and apparently “miles city”, and other bottom level tracks around the country.
      That’s where the poor horses get duct taped together and sent out for a measly “one more race”, which turns into 10, or 15…

      • Exactly, Marie. In that vein, have you noticed the many racing fans praising the decision to not run Rich Strike in the upcoming Preakness? – because another race in 2 weeks (from the Derby) is too soon? What do they think the countless “cheap claimers” are doing every 7-10 DAYS (and even less)? Maybe that’s it…they DON’T think.

  2. Oddly enough, when I mentioned banning horse racing at my ex-workplace, someone piped up and said “that will never happen.” I told him “I’m sure that’s just what Sea World used to think.”

  3. I personally hate Keeneland Association and all of the arrogant, egotistical pomp and circumstance type of charade they put on as if they’re the ultimate “desirable” place to buy, sell and otherwise exploit horses for mega millions of dollars. They kill horses as a part of their business and everyone should know about it!!!!!! They’re morally depraved and proud of it!!!!

  4. Horses being raced when temperatures are high is simply more proof racehorses are mere commodities to be used for profits – because anyone who 1), knows equine behavior and what they do for self-preservation and 2), CARES about their health and welfare would never demand it. The last few days when we reached the mid-eighties, I observed my herd standing in the shade and/or directly in front of the strategically-placed fans…and they never traveled faster than a walk. THEY know what they must do to protect themselves – racehorses don’t get those choices.

    • Exactly, Joy!!!! The horses don’t even get the choice to close their mouths with their tongues tied up and hanging out the side of their mouths. It’s a disgrace!!!!! These people don’t care about how much suffering the horses must endure. The despicable, disgusting greed and moral depravity of these people needs to be exposed everywhere and often!!!!

  5. Interesting: Invader’s Van-Off was noted by the stewards, but appears nowhere on the chart. This was probably just an innocent oversight by Keeneland’s highly-credible, eagle-eyed Equibase chartwriter. After all, it’s easy to miss those teeny-tiny equine ambulances hauling away all the microscopic injured racehorses — especially when they’re well-connected, half-million-dollar horses getting vanned.
    Wonder if his “elite” connections insisted that Mr. Chartwriter keep his big mouth shut about his on-track “lameness”? Too bad for them, the stewards let it slip. Oops.

    • Since it reads “returned lame…” I am wondering just exactly how do they define “returned” in this context…? It must be a very thin line whatever it is. Also, just where did INVADER require the ambulance to haul him off to???

  6. Top tier track, “A” track, lower level claiming track, or “B” track are all the same.
    No difference.
    Top “trainer” lower level “trainer” are all the same.
    “Royally-bred” rich horse – poor horse are all the same.
    Started out as a rich horse and ended up fighting for his life in the claiming ranks as per usual.
    There’s no amount of opulence that can mask what’s going on.
    It boils down to the exploitation of a defenseless, voiceless, non-consenting living being being forced into servitude for billions in profit, to fatten wallets, and/or human egos.
    The racehorses lose every step of the way.

    • Well stated and thank you for telling the truth about this despicable industry, Gina!

  7. It is always open season on the horses.
    In the heat of summer or the snow and ice of winter the “show” goes on.
    Even the most basic humanitarian rules for animals do not exist in this game and nothing is done about it.

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