They’re Just Babies

Some notes from three tracks Saturday. Most of these were “trials” for two-year-olds. (A note on the “bumps”: There were plenty of the run-of-the-mill variety; I am only relaying the more egregious.)

At Laurel Brown (Utah), Cbf Cash Man “fell at start”; Rays Lane also “fell at start.”

At Remington (Oklahoma), Whiskey River was “hard to load”; Stylenattitude “wiped out midway”; Mighty Furrgee was “rowdy in gate”; De Cap Gun suffered a “hard bump at break”; Eye Capo “flipped at break”; Sheza Prize Wagon was “hard to load”; Nita Kiss “went to knees at break”; Valiants Wild Card “threw a tantrum in gate.”

At Sam Houston (Texas), Bh Counting On Snow was “unruly in gate”; Jess Roll Me Over was also “unruly in gate”; Haulin Roses was “unruly in post parade”; Burning Dust was “bumped hard”; Miranda Simply was also “bumped hard.”

Terrifying babies – this is horseracing.

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  1. Racehorses don’t verbally speak to communicate, but they sure as hell speak through their unwillingness to load into the gate because they don’t want to run and they certainly don’t “love to run,” as the industry claims.
    They speak to us through their broken bones, ripped tendons/ligaments, cardiovascular collapse and even in their deaths.
    Now the industry insiders, the abusers and the enablers of the abuse don’t surprise me when they force their voiceless defenseless victims into servitude, but what is shocking is our elected politicians handing out hundreds of millions of dollars to keep this killing business going.
    Why is is that all Americans pay taxes when they buy things, but horse racing gets another tax break there.
    In fact, a wealthy owner buying a racehorse is exempt from paying sales taxes in states that have horse racing.
    Another gravy train handed out by politicians and the people who are spending $100,000, 1 million or even $20,000 are not the kind of people that should be getting tax breaks when they are buying racehorses.
    This business is sucking the public coffers dry so their claims about jobs doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to the obscene amounts of money their getting at the expense of our communities and education. This business is an unnecessary gambling venue that belongs in the dinosaur books and it’s long overdue for our politicians to reveal the truth and the costs behind their job claims.
    It’s a never ending cesspool of corruption conducted on the bones and backs of racehorses and their tax breaks are possible because of working class Americans paying their fair share of taxes.

    • Well said, Gina. And big tax breaks for the horseracing industry here in Australia.

  2. Here is another instance of animal abuse! If the horses are too young or immature they will not do well racing.
    Definitely worse if they whipped. Give them love and patience to grow up a little.

  3. Everyone of these young, underdeveloped colts and fillies being EXPLOITED FOR RACING, which is synonymous with ABUSING HORSES & Felony Animal Cruelty, are prime examples of why this industry cannot be reformed. The whole thought process behind the Thoroughbred racing industry (as well as all of the other breeds of horses that are exploited for racing and wagering) is to violate them from birth to death. The concept of starting COLTS & FILLIES out under saddle at 18 months of age to force them to carry weight and run faster than they ever would (or ever should) in a natural environment is MORALLY DEPRAVED!!!! It’s not horsemanship!!!! This evil exploitation of young, underdeveloped horses before they know their own strength and never giving them a chance to grow to maturity without being used and abused and routinely tortured is ALL WRONG!!!!!!! KILLING COLTS & FILLIES for tax write-offs is DIABOLICAL!!!! Before young horses even know their own strength, they’re killed…
    Everyone involved in this INHUMANE and INHERENTLY CRUEL industry of racing and gambling should be investigated for the crimes of drug trafficking, human trafficking, dirty money, black money and money laundering. They are guilty of Felony Animal Cruelty. Who knows what other White Collar crimes they’re committing????

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