Death in the Mud at Pimlico; The Celebration Goes On

This for Monarch Beach in the 7th at Pimlico yesterday: “suffered a catastrophic injury during the gallop out and was euthanized on the track.” But it wasn’t all bad: In finishing the race, Monarch “won” almost a thousand bucks for her people. She was three years old, and this was her sixth time under the whip.

As Monarch lay dying…


  1. We think if you`re going to continue with this “crooked ,crummy, gamboling game” When ever a horse dies on the track racing there should be no winners circle celebration! There should be mention of the horse who died as to where they were raised & of their families history just like you would do with us humans.

      • We also think NO SCREENS to shield the race attendees from the true carnage this industry seems to try to hide or minimize!

  2. This gambling racket is a sleazy and easy way to get out of doing an honest day’s work for morally depraved minds.

    • As MONARCH lay dying… (in the dirt/mud on the racetrack, the celebration of the winning horse, FANCY PRINCESS, goes on in the “winner’s circle” as though there is nothing out of the ordinary or horrible or horribly wrong about another horse dying/being killed by racing her to death in the very same race, no less).
      What a sleazy business!!!!!

  3. ANYONE who has followed this site, knows I have been “beating this drum” for years (running in thick mud/slop). Running in mud KILLS …. period

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