We’re Winning; The Headlines Prove It

This fight in which we are engaged is a public-relations one – a war for America’s hearts and minds. And we are clearly winning. Yesterday, in my Google alerts on horseracing, the following headlines appeared. Again, this was one day – a day, as it happens, that is the most celebrated on the U.S. racing calendar.

New York Times: “Medina Spirit Was Pulled by the Forelegs Into a World That Let Him Down”

The Guardian: “Horse racing is too far gone to be saved. The next best thing is to be honest about it.”

NBC News: “Is American horse racing on its last legs?”

CBS Mobile: “Pro gambler: Online betting could be death of horse racing”

StarTribune (largest paper in Minnesota): “From Kentucky to Canterbury Park, horse racing faces its reckoning”

NBC Tampa: “Tampa trainer faces suspension over horse that died from overdose in New Jersey”

Green Matters: “The Kentucky Derby Has a Dark History of Horse Abuse”

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  1. How much more powerful a statement could be written by the NY Times?

  2. Simply amazing! Slowly but surely, Horseracing Wrong’s, “Endless pressure, endlessly applied” efforts are paying off. I hope we can “seize the moment” and make huge gains throughout the nation ASAP. Thank you!

  3. This brought an immediate smile to my face. The end of horse racing would make my soul smile.

  4. ……u people all have too much time on ur hands here……nobody is going to listen to or read what u print here. this sport employs TOO MANY PEOPLE to be shut down. if this sport closed tomorrow, who is going to give jobs to all those people who u NEVER even hear about? I’m not talking the crooked Baffert’s of the sport, I’m talking about those who do all the dirty work. and who is going to take all those horses? who’s going to look after them and feed them ?? u all need to let this go and hope for better days….’cause this isn’t going away anytime too soon.

    • Well OK then, KSMACK – if you’re all good it seems a little odd you’d waste even a second of your time HERE. Maybe you’re just like the other racing minions who claim what you do, yet are hell bent on convincing us y’all haven’t a thing to worry about…why is that, do you think?

      “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” 😏

    • KSMACK: How about the people who own racehorses stop confining horses to stalls 23 hours a day??? How about the people who own horses they exploit for racing stop paying someone else to whip and shock the horse to run around a racetrack???
      How about the people who own horses they exploit for racing take care of their own horses by letting their horses out to pastures where they can actually enjoy some time outside of a stall and not be standing in mud and urine and feces????
      How about the people that own the racehorses take care of their own horses when racing ends????
      Are you so hard-hearted that you expect all owners of horses to send their horses to death either at the racetracks or the slaughterhouses????

    • KSMACK, haven’t you heard,unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a massive problem going on right now. … a MASSIVE worker shortage,businesses are literally BEGGING for employees. So, there will be no problem with your people finding a job!

      • That is if the workers have enough education to read the things that will help to make themselves employable in occupations other than cleaning stalls and grooming horses. They also need to have clean clothes and stuff like that that they might not have working on the backside of a racetrack with not enough money to pay for housing so they have to sleep in a stall. I’m not sure how often these backside workers get a bath or shower and basic necessities such as this. Who knows how often the trainer pays them in actual money??? Employers are looking for employees that are employable and a lot of the jobs require certain training, skills and experience that might not be available to backside track workers who don’t want to read…

  5. The love and craving of money and winning and betting is the recipe for horseracing. The problem is, that live, sentient beings are the main ingredient. The horses are the ones that are used, abused, drugged, and stand in stalls 23 hrs a day. A race
    horse does not have a normal life.
    If you are having a hard time believing this, I suggest two things, read everything you can find that is posted on the Horseracingwrongs web site, browse and if that doesnt convince you, Google search, how many race horses are sent to slaughter houses in Mexico and Canada each year. Also, search how the horses are slaughtered.
    Once you know the truth, spread the word.

  6. “This isn’t going away anytime soon,” KSMACK.
    Sad, but true because our elected politicians continue to handout hundreds of millions of public subsidies every single year to keep these financially unsustainable tracks going.
    Any track whose getting state handouts would have been shut down years ago because the American public clearly no longer supports horse racing and neither does our younger generation.
    The “jobs, jobs jobs,” mantra is a powerful one that our politicians fall for hook, line and sinker because they simply can’t seem to press the RESET BUTTON when it comes to what seems to be logical to most of their constituents.
    Horse racing in most of their respective geographical areas are getting more money in handouts than education and this has got to END.
    There was a glimmer of hope when, on November 17, 2021, the NY Times Union reported that a Bill introduced would redirect funding from horse racing to education and I do know that HRW contributed in some way.
    What ever happened to that?
    There isn’t any political lines drawn here as both Reps and Dems support horse racing and the contrary is true.
    For every step forward there’s a bunch of racehorse elites with endless money and power who regularly contribute to politicians pockets who, in return, ensure that their gravy train keeps on going at the expense of our education, children and communities.
    Of course the racehorses are the biggest losers.
    Politicians are making a clear choice to support a killing business over our public education system which employs more people than horse racing ever has or will with decent jobs where they actually get paid.
    Sad, but true that countless racehorses dying is not enough to shut down this vile business because it’s going to take ending the subsidies to really accomplish what will inevitably come to pass.

    • The bill is still very much alive, Gina, gaining new legislative sponsors every week. Might not pass this session, but we will keep fighting till it gets done.

    • TIMES UNION/ Emilie Munson/ March 1, 2022/ State benefits for horse racing spark fierce fight in Legislature/ There are two bills.

  7. It has taken about 30ish years, from 1990 to 2021ish, for the population of new Jockey Club registered Thoroughbreds to be cut in approximately half; there were roughly 40,000 JC registered Thoroughbred foals produced in 1990 to roughly 20,000 (or less) JC registered Thoroughbred foals in each of the last few years: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. With this rate of decline in the population of new Jockey Club registered Thoroughbreds, it’s kind of a no-brainer that there will not be so many horses to exploit for racing and wagering in the next 10, 20, 30 years. With the state benefits propping up both 1) the racing/wagering side of the horseracing industry AND 2) the breeding side of this industry, the population of new Jockey Club registered Thoroughbreds will decline much more rapidly when this industry loses the state benefits. Only dedicated horse owners and small farm type breeders who plan for this abrupt change and actually care about their horses will prevent the Thoroughbred breed of horse from becoming extinct as a breed.

  8. Justice for this horse! Jockey should be punished by loosing his winnings! Owner should be looked into his treatment of any other horses and fined or barred from racing. Horse just made them millions! Treatment is unbelievable!

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