The Belmont Killing Machine Grinds On, Unabated

Two more kills at Belmont Thursday. First, Fast Getaway was injured while training, ambulanced to barn, euthanized. He was seven years old and had been raced 21 times. Then, a yet-to-be-named 2-year-old died in his stall – probably colic.

Belmont Park, site of next month’s third leg of the “Triple Crown,” has already notched 20 kills in 2022 – this, after 50 last year and 53 in 2020.

The 2022 Victims, Thus Far

Viking Zim, Jan 2, Belmont S – “laminitis”
Dunph, Jan 5, Belmont T – “fracture, lameness, euthanasia”
Devils Dare, Jan 21, Belmont S – “found in stall unable to stand…euthanized”
Derby Kisses, Jan 25, Belmont T – “suffered a complete P1 fracture”
Minit Maus, Feb 1, Belmont T – “pulled up lame…euthanized”
Pepe’s Pride, Feb 15, Belmont T – “humeral fracture”
Dazzle Time, Feb 18, Belmont S – “inoperable colic”
Happy Medium, Feb 24, Belmont T – “pulled up, splint, ambulanced, euthanized”
Geno, Feb 26, Belmont T – “suffered an injury while galloping – euthanized”
Herecomesangelina, Mar 14, Belmont T – “collapsed and died” (two years old)
Steadfast Love, Mar 22, Belmont T – “humeral fracture, muscle atrophy”
Noble Thought, Mar 26, Belmont T – “injured…euthanized on track”
Five Alarm Robin, Apr 2, Belmont T – “collapsed and died breezing” (five years old)
Dario’s Angel, Apr 11, Belmont S – “to [hospital] via ambulance, euthanized”
Sister Luck, Apr 14, Belmont T (euthanized Apr 17) – “suspected pelvic fracture”
Green Light Go, Apr 22, Belmont T – “unsalvageable injuries”
Baby I’m Perfect, Apr 28, Belmont R – “sustained an injury at the five-furlong pole”
Not So Grimm, Apr 30, Belmont R – “vanned off, euthanized in barn”
yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, May 5, Belmont S – “died in his stall”
Fast Getaway, May 5, Belmont T – “injured, ambulanced, euthanized”

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  1. the huge numbers of horses that die in horse racing on the tracks, in their stalls, they just give up because they shoudl not be forced to race like this. young horses that need to grow to strength and they arre being forced to race. this entire gambling den needs to be shut down tight.

  2. A two-year-old with no name “died in his stall” sums up the callous cruelty of, the diabolical greed of, and the complete indifference of the New York Racing Association and everyone else involved in this gambling racket as to what horses need or want. The State of New York must stop bankrolling this horrendous ABUSE AND NEGLECT of horses!!!!!
    The State of New York needs to be passing legislation to punish the repeat offenders of this Abuse, Cruelty and Killing of horses exploited for racing and gambling!!!! Stop the NYRA from swindling the State of New York out of millions of dollars each year. These repeat offenders have proven that they don’t need a “Hall of Fame horse trainer” by the name of Bob Baffert to put on this horror show of ABUSE, NEGLECT and KILLING of horses!!!!!!

    • It is very disturbing when a horse(any age) is found passed away in his stall.

      • It certainly is, Nancy.
        They lay down and die in a tiny nasty little space and these people just shrug their shoulders and say something like “probably colic”.
        To them it is just one more dead horse to be dealt with.
        Who knows what nefarious activity is involved in some of these deaths – who cares!!!

        • Exactly my point, Rose. Who in this industry cares? They just keep on killing horses and “replace” the dead racehorses with more victims. But, the number of JC registered Thoroughbred foals is approximately half of what they were in 1990. So technically this industry has fewer replacement horses to be victimized by racing..

  3. If a horse is unfortunate enough to end up in ny it’s not a matter of “if”, but when. It’s past time to shutdown this antiquated s**t show.

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