Filly Killed in Her First Race; Belmont at 18 Dead on the Year

The Gaming Commission has finally (a week later) updated its database to include a pair of kills in three days at Belmont last week. I already reported (through other sources) on Baby I’m Perfect; the other – which was fully expected based on the chart notes: “galloped through the wire with an uncomfortable stride, vanned off” – was Not So Grimm in the 6th Saturday. ‘Twas the 3-year-old’s very first time under the whip. She is the 18th dead racehorse at Belmont this year, 32nd at all NY tracks.


  1. If it’s possible for any of these people involved in this inherently abusive bloodsport to have any feelings at all for the horses, they should at least think twice before they do it again! Anyone who has second thoughts about subjecting horses to this abuse again should just stop participating in this CRUELTY to horses!!!!

  2. Poor girl was made to finish the race, to her death. The jockey should be proud he forced her to go on with “an uncomfortable stride “

    • JoAnne, the 17th horse killed at Belmont was a horse named BABY I’M PERFECT on April 28th. So there were 16 horses killed in training at Belmont from January 1st to April 27th, I believe.

  3. BABY I’M PERFECT an 8 y.o chestnut gelding who made over $306,000 for a bunch of parasites.
    As most of us know by now, NY tracks like Belmont only exists because it gets hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies that our elected politicians hand out to them every single year.
    The deaths are horrific, but so are the handouts.
    Both must end and they are symbiotic in their application.

  4. What a sad tragic life these poor babies live 😭😭😭😭 I bet if they knew their lives would be like this …. they would have asked not to be born. It’s all just too sad. Remember people these beautiful creatures didn’t ask to be born.

    • Horses don’t ask to be handled with brute force and forced to endure confinement in a small space for 23 hours a day. Horses don’t want to be forced to run faster and farther than they would if they were not DOPED/ DRUGGED, whipped and shocked. Horses don’t ask to be ran to their death. Horses don’t ask to be exploited as gambling chips in a morally depraved gambling racket.

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