Watching a Horse Die on a “Beautiful, Sunny Spring Day”

From the Queen’s Cup Steeplechase website:

“This past weekend [Apr 30], patrons and racing fans from across the Carolinas, the USA, England, and Ireland made their way to Mineral Springs, North Carolina, for the Queen’s Cup’s triumphant return to its traditional Spring weekend to finally celebrate its Silver Jubilee. And celebrate we did with a record sell-out crowd, a beautiful, sunny spring day, and exceptionally close racing finishes.”

This, according to the stewards, is part of what they celebrated: “Mr. Alec was pulled up with a left front leg fracture prior to the 9th fence. He was later euthanized.”


  1. What can be said of this? How very sad that killing horses is now entertaining

  2. How I LOATHE Horseracing — NO consideration – NO compassion – NO respect – NO mercy – NO morals — NO empathy — WHO do the apologists and supporters think they are! — ALLOWING for the torment, suffering and final premature deaths of Living Beings — of HORSES — this SHUT DOWN must be FORCED — we MUST keep at it.

  3. This complete indifference to the suffering of the horses exploited for racing “entertainment” is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!! This ABUSE and killing show must be shut down!!!!!!!!!!!! Steeplechase racing is deliberate ANIMAL CRUELTY to horses!!!!

    • Dead on right Wanda. These are very long life span animals. Their lives are destroyed and cut way too short. Cause of EVIL humans. #SICKENING

      • Bonnie, thank you. The WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA in about 1961 said the average lifespan of a horse was 20 years. We had Shetland ponies that lived to be 28 years old and older. One of our ponies was about 33 years old when she died. I’ve seen posts on Facebook of a horse that was about 38 years old. I’ve heard of horses living to be 40 years old even though it is not exactly common. It can happen if horses are not exploited to death and if they don’t get something horrible like laminitis/founder, colic, or some disease from mosquito bites, etc.

        • Wanda, my Arabian gelding is 36 years-old today. He was foaled on May 6, 1986. He’s been free to roam a two-acre pasture, gets regular hoof and vet care, and is fed a high-quality senior feed twice a day. His only malady? He’s very arthritic in his hind legs. Other than that, he’s a happy, healthy horse. I showed him and trail-rode him. He’s never been abused. I wish all horses could experience such lives. Tomorrow is KD day. I won’t watch. I used to never miss it. I just pray that all horses come back in one piece. Most people never stop to think about all the poor horses who are run to their deaths. I hope I live to see the demise of all racing and other forms of exploitive animal abuse! God, hear our prayers!

          • Happy Birthday to your Arabian gelding, ladypurr9!!!👍❤️🎁🎂
            About the “road to the Kentucky Derby” there is an untold number of young, underdeveloped colts and possibly some fillies as well that are basically roadkill because not all of them make it to the first Saturday in May as you know. 😢😣

  4. “And celebrate we did – we exploited and killed another sentient being.”

    • Can you imagine forcing horses to gallop for four miles, carry approximately 130 to 150 pounds on their backs and jumping hurdles about 4 and one-half feet high for the distance of 4 miles?! IF the horses don’t get broken bones, they are still subject to falling due to EXHAUSTION. For people who claim to be horsemen, this insanity is just plain stupid besides morally depraved and sadistic!!!!!

  5. Yipeeeeeee HRW was just now mentioned on Morning Joe (MSNBC). Take away ny subsidies. This is so f’n AWESOME for the horses!

  6. This from Kirby Adams, The Courier – Journal, 22 April 2022:
    “All the star power, glamour, and glitz that make the Kentucky Derby Eve a glorious time to be in Louisville will make a triumphant return Friday, May 6 – and boy is this city ready”

    How superficial and obnoxious is that!
    Do these people look beyond their own gratification, the money, the silly hats, mint juleps, bourbon and social scene?
    What is glorious and triumphant about forcing immature horses beyond their capabilities while viciously whipping them them in front of yelling cheering hoards?!!
    It is a celebration of barbarism – sick!

    • They are so pathetic Rose, I hate superficial,shallow people. That’s why when Morning Joe held up the newspaper headline about ENDING ny’s welfare, and the apologists are crying the blues and saying if they lose the welfare horse racing in ny is GONE!

      • We just read an article that says their counting on those VLT subsidies to build a new grandstand at Belmont Park! Agree! End the subsidies & let the industry sink or swim on its own revenues! Use those VLT $$ for education & betterment of peoples lives & those of poor unfortunate horses who have participated in racing too.

        • The Video Lottery Terminal payments are only part of the ways that the State of New York bankrolls horse racing. A big BOO HOO! for the New York Racing Association and everyone else involved in this killing show once the government subsidies and government-directed benefits are terminated. If they want to be entertained, they can host demolition derbies using automobiles instead of horses. They can bust up some cars instead of some horses!

  7. the death of any horse for the entertainment of a crowd is beyond tolerable.I am a horse reascurer-I hate this action totally!!!!!!!!

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