California Chrome’s “Son” Killed at Thistledown

In the 4th at Thistledown yesterday, “Thechromeweknow pulled up in distress soon after the start and was euthanized.” Short, and right to the point. No matter that another fully sentient – intelligent, sensitive – being was killed, that’s just the way it goes, right? (The track announcer spewed the usual: “Something’s gone amiss for Thechromeweknow; Thechromeweknow has taken a bad step.”)

Thechrome was a 4-year-old cheap claimer (“For Sale” at $5,000 the day he died), a world away from his celebrated “father,” California Chrome.

This is horseracing.

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  1. What is it like to be “loved” by cold-blooded, cold-hearted killers? Dead horses cannot speak. Who listens to the horses when they’re alive…? Horses may not be able to speak as humans do, but horses are able to communicate in “horse language” even though some people refuse to recognize that animals have their own language, their own way of communicating. In the humans’ pursuit of money and ego, the horse is only a “tool” that is ignored by their exploiters. This is not true horsemanship!!!!!! This is ABUSE!!!!!!!

  2. are these horses insured. is there insurance money coming to these owners? if so, does the insurance industry investigate what the hell is gong on here

    • We have galloped & taught to ride many ” so called cheap claimers”. Of all the many dozens we taught to ride or galloped on the track none were insured.Most were tax expense deductions from other business incomes of the owners / breeders.The feed , labor , equipment costs as well as the original purchase cost of the horse at auction or sometimes the stud fee was expense cost deducted from other income.Most small time owners don`t want to deal with the reg.s & restrictions of an insurance companies policies.

    • The insurance payout is the value at the time of death. In this case he was entered in a 5K claimer so the payout doesn’t exceed that.

  3. Always weird to hear those “horse-loving” racing fans lament the deaths of CERTAIN horses. The industry probably killed off at least five of their beloved athletes yesterday, but only the one with a recognized name is mourned:
    “Another racehorse killed at Thistledown? Eh, so what else is new? Oh, he was a Chrome baby, you say? That’s so sad! I’m just gutted/heartbroken/devastated/inconsolable. Y’know, all that. Now, who ya got in the next race?”

  4. Horses are meant to be loved and treated as family members. It is sickening that the horses who are used in horse races are abused and treated so poorly. I believe that all those who abuse the horses should be criminally prosecuted by the full extent of the law.

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