Run the Tap Confirmed Dead After Injury at Keeneland

In the 2nd at Keeneland April 8, Run the Tap, said Equibase, was “pulled up and got vanned off.” In fact, she is dead – the Racing Commission confirming that “she died at the clinic from her injuries.” “It was presumed,” they added, “that she had suffered a fractured pelvis.” Run the Tap was three, and this was her fifth time under the whip.

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  1. Why would they use the word “presume” rather than “proven”? I “presume” they don’t want to spend the money on the X-ray…?!?
    This barbaric exploitation of horses must be terminated from all government subsidies and government-directed benefits of all kinds AND these abusers of horses must be punished severely!!!!!!

  2. What? Confirmed dead by the KHRC in LESS THAN ONE MONTH?!
    Slow down, you hyper-transparent racing authorities. Otherwise you might accidentally confirm a death when you don’t absolutely have to. (Helpful Hint: You should probably go back to your usual three-month timeline, so folks have a chance to forget the breakdown.)

    • She died at the “clinic” of INJURIES with a presumed fracture of her pelvis. How far did they transport her? These blood-thirsty devils got their diabolical greed and horse-abuse & torture fix with RUN THE TAP. Is it possible that there is a state law that says they have to report a death (killing) of a horse sooner rather than later, if the horse dies in a clinic?

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