Trustworthy Killed at Fairmount

Trustworthy in the 2nd at Fairmount Park (or “FanDuel Sportsbook and Horse Racing”) yesterday: “Trustworthy began to retreat from inside, bobbled and lost his rider near the half mile marker and had to be humanely euthanized.” Trustworthy was seven, and this was his 36th time under the whip. His loving connections, Mike and Jodie Durham, also had him “For Sale” – cheap: $3,200 – the day he died.


  1. Clark Brewster had Trustworthy for nearly three years. Like the majority of racehorses, Trustworthy was eventually put into cheap claiming races. Brewster never did unload the gelding via a claim slip – regardless, he did successfully rid himself of Trustworthy. On 5-3-21, Clark had a $5K price tag on Trustworthy’s head but no takers. In his next race (6-5-21) he was owned by Jodie Durham. Durham didn’t race Trustworthy again until yesterday…

    Raced at “elite” tracks – according to apologists, that translates to the horse being treated like “royalty” and loved like a “family member”. Really? – so is that right up until the time their “elite” owner dumps them?

    • Joy, thank you! I remember reading Clark Brewster’s comments on a previous post on this blog and you know he lead us to believe (at least, he wanted us to believe) that he turns his horses out to pasture and all this wonderful stuff. His implication was that all of his racehorses were kept well as if they don’t suffer. I know you didn’t buy it for a second. There was no answer from Clark Brewster to your statements and questions. No surprise there.

  2. These people who allow their horses to be abused (through their participation in the racing of horses) really do not love or care about their horses. It is sad that all the owner cared about was using this horse to make money/or sell this horse cheap for their selfish convenience. Those who whip the horses should be charged with animal cruelty and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  3. Hmmm. I live in Missouri, not far from Fairmount Park. After seeing this post it occurred to me that I have not seen any advertisements or TV commercials for horse racing? They used to advertise a lot.

    • Hopefully that means it’s going into the dust pile where it belongs. Let’s see the losers who claim this to be their job …. go get a J.O.B. I mean … a REAL one. (that doesn’t involve abusing innocents)

    • Maybe one of the reasons that they’re not advertising on TV is because maybe it costs too much and maybe they’re not making enough money to pay for it. Hopefully, more people are aware that their tax dollars would be paying for the advertisements indirectly through government subsidies and government-directed benefits.

  4. Weird how all the old blood sport addicts are still boo-hooing about the “loss” of their beloved Arlington Park. But there’s still plenty of Illinois horse-killing action going on, so it’s not like they can’t get their fix one way or another at the remaining death tracks — at least for the moment. Case in point, above.

    Oh, and notice most of ’em try to blame the corporate GREED of Churchill Downs, Inc. for the shuttering of Arlington? Yeah, greed. Says the few remaining dinosaur horseplayers who think their incessant grumbling and griping and non-stop complaining about their all-important bets will somehow have an effect. Same old guys who never, ever batted an eye over ANY of the carnage, no matter how many thousands of young horses they witnessed being killed.

    Only now, it is Derby Death Week. So the degenerates will somehow manage to “forgive” CDI for its greed — at least until after the Derby, when their bitching and griping will be due to resume in, say, 3,2,1…

    • Witty, and dead on right post Kelly. The degenerates of this corrupt racket are the absolute worst that mankind has to offer. I hope karma kicks them in the a**

  5. Could a been two for one dead. After all the horse behind him gave him a good bump and coulda gone down as well. How sickening is all this killing.

  6. Poor horse. He was doomed just like the majority of these horses.
    And his name was Trustworthy. How ironic is that?! He certainly lived up to his name. But how about his connections and all the other connections are they trustworthy??
    They gain the trust of these magnificent animals and then they abuse and betray them at every turn. How despicable!!

    • These morally depraved human beings start the colts and fillies out to “gain their trust” at an age when the young, immature horses don’t know their own strength!!!! This makes it easier for these despicable humans to take unfair advantage of the horses.
      I’ve read (about horses from what I believe to be a reliable source) that horses don’t really know their own strength until they’re at least 3 or 4 years old. By that time, these abused and routinely tortured colts and fillies are physically and mentally crushed, if not dead already, in this vile business. So many of these exploited colts and fillies have Degenerative Joint Disease and Ulcers to name only two of the many ways that racehorses suffer in silence.

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