Four-Day Suspension for Animal Cruelty

The following occurred earlier this month at San Isidro in Argentina. The jockey, William Pereyra, can be seen hitting his horse (on the head) well after the race was over. For this, he was reportedly suspended for four days. Four days.

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  1. Sadly, we have seen that & worse done by jockeys here in our state both before races on the backside & also before being galloped in the mornings as well. 4 days! Not severe enough. Wish the horses could administer the punishments themselves for abuses.

  2. I guess the horse lost and it ticked him off. And by the way…for those who haven’t heard. Dortmund(we all remember him,right) sold to Korea. Well April 18 he got “colic ” and passed away. Just announced 10 days later.

  3. He should be in jail for an extended period of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was totally uncalled for!!!!!!!!!!! No excuses.

  4. It seems that this situation will always continue as long as there’s horseracing. From what I’ve read in the news and in these reports, people will not stop being in denial of what they’re doing to the horses. There’s always an excuse for their abuse.

    • Even by the extremely LOW “standards” in the horseracing industry, an industry with widespread, rampant, routine, daily abuse of horses but in a somewhat organized and “regulated” manner, there are “rules” for how you can abuse horses and get away with it. Even with the routine cruelty inherent to exploiting horses for racing, wagering, breeding and meat, whacking a horse on the head with the whip is, at least, recognized as abuse/cruelty by the industry. Four days suspension is not even close to being enough punishment, but it will, or should, go on this jockey’s record. So, hopefully, it will come back to bite him badly enough that it has a lasting affect on him long after the end of the 4-day suspension is over. If he could do this to a racehorse that he is riding out in the open for other people to see him do this, there’s a 100% chance that he has done this and much worse to horses in a setting where there might not be any witnesses.

  5. Of course he is going to do it again and again now. It’s worth it to him. How dare we do whatever we like to animals! Violent thug.

  6. The cruelty of racing knows no boundaries.
    A four day suspension for beating a horse over the head is totally inadequate as are the consequences for horse abuse in this country.
    Regardless of the geographical location, the constant is the toleration of the inherent abuse.
    And Nancy, I did see that Dortmund died in Korea.
    I just wonder if he was euthanized or left to suffer and die in extreme pain.
    Also, I wonder if Hansen is still alive. He was bred, owned and raced by a Dr. Hansen then sold to Korea. Also, Bodemiester was sold to Turkey in 2019, California Chrome sold to Japan…and on and on.
    It must be so hard on these loving owners to part with their “family members” and see them sent on these long overseas journeys never to be seen by them again!!! 🥱

    • I know, right! Thoughts and prayers, my foot! They’re too busy counting the thousands, or millions, of dollars that they made off the sale of the horses; just a little something to record on the credit side of their financial ledgers. They can figure out a way to show a loss so they can use the horses as a tax write-off too. Thoughts and prayers; yeah, right.

    • Rose, I often wonder about Hansen. But my question to myself was 10 day notification and it’s always colic or heart attack. Also Winchester was reported passed on not too long ago..same scenario. After Ferdinand was “disposed “of, there was a buyback law put into effect. Guess that went down the tube anymore.

  7. It’s not the fact that he was beating the shit out of the horse, it’s the fact that he was caught on video doing it. Nobody in this cesspool actually cares if horses are tortured – just make sure it’s done where the crazy animal rights activists can’t see.

    • Rebecca, you nailed it! God forbid they go get a JOB ….. you know , like one that benefits society.

    • Exactly, Rebecca. The so-called trainers Amber Cobb, Sir Mark Todd, and Rodolfo Sanchez were caught on video abusing their horses and were pursued by Animal Rights Activists. It’s always encouraging when these horse abusers get caught by the right people. I am hoping the word & the video gets around to enough people that this jockey in Argentina doesn’t get away with what he was caught on tape doing, because he should be banned from being able to be around horses. A lifetime ban would be great!

  8. Wanda, they took down the over the top nutty reaction of homely todd pletcher while he was still in the stands watching his horse win breeders cup with Mongolian Groom dying, of course they scrubbed that. so all you saw was video in scumbag “winner circle”. “F” them all,and then some. (This is responding to previous posts) They scrub stuff that isn’t pro racing. Don’t want to show todd being crazy,nutty ….. that wouldn’t be a good look😒.

    • In that case it’s no wonder I didn’t find it, Bonnie. I remember seeing people having those reactions when their horse won the Kentucky Derby when it was broadcast on ABC Wide World of Sports as well as NBC Sports. They all go nuts when their horses win. Back then, the first time I ever saw a horse suffer a broken bone during a race was a Todd Pletcher trained horse. The announcer made out like it was a big mystery about why the broken bone/s. Too bad they’re not smart enough to figure out the mystery, because they still act like it’s a mystery, more or less. 😣🤬🤬🤬🤬

  9. True to industry form because when it comes to abuse horse racing is a bottomless pit.


  11. As long as humans continue to pay for animal entertainment, animals will be exploited.

  12. This is a beyond evil, enabling business for abusers and killers who don’t give a s**t about anything but their own wins. The other part of it is the stupid people who watch this and consider it entertainment. I have nothing left to say anymore about what I think of this wretched business and the people in it. And my heart breaks over and over for those poor horses who deserve So VERY MUCH of a better life than this.

  13. Someone ought to smack him in the head repeatedly to knock some sense into him! He should be fired, never be allowed around horses ever again! Yes, it’s obvious he’s a sore loser! 😡😡😡😡



    IT IS ABUSE !!!!

  15. Not only at San Isidro horses are abused daily: All along Argentina farmers and cattle breeders bet on illegal horse races held either on public or private land, from Salta to Patagonia. No punishment. The police among the public…

  16. Humans, are the most dangerous animals on earth. We are such a flawed species.
    All living creatures are at risk, regardless of species. We see the indisputable evidence daily.

  17. That jockey is a piece of sh**. Someone should slam him on his head, SMH

  18. Horse racing is very wrong. Too much money greed and drugs they don’t do anything but abuse the horses – people are idiots. He should have been suspended for ever. Not just 4 days

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