Belmont Strikes Again: Green Light Go Felled While Training This Morning

Green Light Go was killed – “unsalvageable injuries” is how the Daily Racing Form put it – training at Belmont this morning. He had just turned five and had been put to the whip 14 times. He is the 16th dead horse at Belmont this year, 23rd at all NYRA tracks.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Horseracing must stop immediately! It is time to punish the humans who are responsible for this cruelty by the fullest extent of the law.

  2. I must admit this one surprised me because I know of more than a few horses Jimmy has been very patient with. He actually has a reputation for that quality. That said …. it just further illustrates the fact that none of this is a safe OR natural way of life for these innocent beautiful animals. Just one more reason to shut this down.

    • Look at the pictures of him Wanda ….. absolutely gorgeous animal. Dead …. for what?

      • Wow! I googled pictures of him. You’re right, Bonnie. He is gorgeous! He certainly did not deserve a broken sesamoid bone or anything else that racing does to the horses. No horse deserves this abuse!!!!
        He earned $545,102. If his breeder and owner, Frank Stronach, was not a greedy so and so, he could have retired GREEN LIGHT GO to a pasture with the kind of care that horses deserve and lived to be thirty-something.

  3. OMG, this has to stop!!!! These horses lives are with more than a bloody bet. They are worked, beaten and when deemed no longer profitable, sold to kill. pens for their meat. These poor souls do not have peaceful ends. The humans that exploit these innocent souls should be held accountable for their animal cruelty.

  4. Unsalvageable injury – meaning if his connections could have bolted his bones together to hold long enough for one more race, they would have.

    • Rebecca, automobiles that are wrecked and determined to be totalled by an insurance company can sometimes be “salvaged” or “rebuilt” but it comes with a sticker that says if you remove this sticker, it’s a CLASS C FELONY.
      FELONY CHARGES need to be brought AGAINST these horse-abusing, horse-killing, sociopathic psychopaths in this gambling racket.

    • A stud career. That’s why they would bolt him back together. Money rules all.

      • It’s been done to horses with broken cannon bones and we have read about it on this blog. After surgery and time to heal, the depraved connections force the horses to perform as racehorses… again, and again the horse breaks down. The second time around, it’s fatal.
        I don’t know if a broken sesamoid bone can ever be knitted back together. I don’t think so.

  5. Every time New York admits to killing another racehorse (or two, as in today’s Belmont deaths), I’m reminded how dishonest they are about this same topic in California. The CHRB was already known for being a secret society of corrupt, Baffert-worshiping, horse-killing enablers. And that was even before the not-suspicious-at-all sudden death of Medina Spirit, and all the Blea Blunder publicity. Their under-reporting of deaths has since overshot its mark, going from highly improbable to straight-up impossible. They’re expecting anyone to believe they’ve all but SOLVED their pesky little dead racehorse problem? Please. Cali tracks are no safer for horses than NY tracks; that is to say, they are NOT SAFE for horses at all.

    New York publicly reports most of its kills. In California, death reporting has become essentially voluntary. I believe CHRB officials are so pissed about Jeff Blea’s license suspension/removal from his position on the board that they’re using non-reporting of horse deaths to express their displeasure about it; they’re throwing a tantrum. (Somebody really should let ’em know that their most recent lack of death reporting only makes Blea’s veterinary “methods” MORE suspect, not less;)

    • Kelly, it seems logical that if they’re hauling the horses away to an undisclosed location to be euthanized in California, which is what is logical, that means the horses have to suffer for (as you pointed out in the previous post) several hours, like 3 hours as opposed to 3 days or something like that, one can only imagine how many hours and/or how many days that horses have to suffer in California before they are euthanized in undisclosed locations to avoid being reported. The whole group of California Horse Racing (& Killing) Board members should be under as much and more scrutiny than Johnny Depp and his wife/ex-wife.

  6. I often read comments from apologists who perpetrate the myth that “royally-bred” racehorses born on wealthy farms by wealthy owners are somehow immune to the daily mangling and dying.
    There are so many examples to dispel this myth, but in this example we have GREEN LIGHT GO bred on one of the richest farms in Kentucky – Adena Springs (breeding and racing arm of Frank Stronach) and this blue blood (according to industry standards) ends up dying in the dirt just like a “cheap” claimer.
    We also know that there is no amount of money that these racehorses can make to ensure a soft landing a grassy paddock that they earned and all deserve.
    So many examples of this, but look no further than THE DEPUTY who was a top stakes horse who made over $817,000 from 1999 to 2000 which would translate to millions today.
    Nevertheless, he was found at a kill auction, starving and neglected last year.
    His owners Gary Barber and Barry Irwin (who claim to love horses) made a ton of money off THE DEPUTY and didn’t even ensure a good life for him.
    I think they knew damn well that he was being sent to a kill auction and the only thing that concerned them was that they got caught with their pants down despite the repeated nauseating lines about loving them “like family.”
    Gary Barber has a high number of suspicious deaths over the years and continues to spend millions buying racehorses and doing what apologists do best dumping them to replace them.
    It’s a never ending cycle and forms one of the fundamental requirements of this vile industry.
    Disposable gambling chips – that’s what they are.

    • In other words, the Modus Operandi of the horse racing industry people is to “rotate their inventory” when one horse/ gambling chip becomes broken meaning dead or at least too crippled to run.
      The Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Act/ Authority is about race track welfare and horses are considered to be inventory. Any attempts or changes to the rules to “protect” horses from injuries that cause the horses to become disabled and/or dead are just for the sake of having enough “inventory” to fill out the race cards for the racetracks, for the gamblers and for keeping the “businesses” that profit from the exploitation of horses in business; and one of those people is Frank Stronach, owner and breeder of GREEN LIGHT GO among thousands of other horses in his lifetime.

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