Shock: California Finally Admits to Another Kill (This One at Santa Anita)

Not surprisingly, Royally Command, an “injured, vanned off” in the 5th yesterday at Santa Anita, is dead, as confirmed by the CHRB. She had just turned four, and this was her sixth time under the whip.

On another note, while this site is all about facts, and while I am not at all given to conspiracy theories, I am firmly convinced that California Racing, including the CHRB itself, is hiding deaths. This is the first death – on-track or otherwise – reported in almost a month, and only the 13th for the year. In a word, incredible, even if the highly-touted new “protocols” are having an effect.

In the three years immediately preceding covid, 2017-2019, 380 horses were killed at Cal tracks, an average of over 125 per year. (Obviously, the numbers for ’20 and ’21 – 97 and 72, respectively – were impacted by the pandemic.) At the current rate, we’d be looking at about 44 deaths in 2022. Please. And all this while the numbers across the country – including in the other big racing states (NY, KY, FL, PA, LA, OH) – have by and large remained constant. Fraud, I assert.

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  1. Exactly. The CHRB’s Equine Fatalities List is a straight-up fraud. The esteemed Board knew they were due to admit a single horse death before too long. (Even they understand the impossibility of all their sudden “safety” claims.) Royally Command’s on-camera breakdown at the SADT was as good a death as any to report for the month, I suppose.

    Question is: If California has all but stopped hosting fatal racehorse injuries, why aren’t they sharing their Secret Super Safety Solutions with the rest of the country, hmmmm?

  2. The news of this horses death is being widely reported on LA news. They are also pointing out it happened on Easter Sunday.Maybe to pull a few heartstrings.

    • Yes, and industry apologists are already at it, berating the press for daring to report her death. “Bad media! Go back to the good old days and quit reporting on our horse killings!”
      (As if a few blood sport-betting dinosaurs aren’t the only ones who’ll be sad when their whole game in California crumbles into the Pacific Ocean:)

      • God forbid Kelly, the pathetic boys who live off their daddy’s riches (mike joyce,matty carrouthers) would have to go out into the real world and get a God forbid REAL job 😒

  3. Could it be that the “clear thinking” Jeff Blea has masterminded a way for all of the rest of the fraudsters and members of the California Horse Racing Board to expertly hide the killing of horses in the State of California? After all, the State caught JEFF BLEA VIOLATING the rules for being an honest, licensed Veterinarian!!! At the same time, the CHRB welcomed JEFF BLEA, the VIOLATOR, with open arms. What an addition to an already corrupt horse-killing operation!!! They know that racing kills horses and the rest of the country knows it too!!!

  4. I’m not surprised CA is hiding the actual number of deaths whereas the horses were vanned out of the public view to be euthanized. Without proof they get away with murder, literally.

  5. My God! When will all the carnage end? God Bless those sweet poor horses!🙏🙏

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