Yes, Horseracing Is Responsible for the Death of Poor Laoban

Laoban was a Grade 1-level horse whose last race was the prestigious Travers Stakes in 2016. “Retired” after only nine starts (and a half million in earnings), he was then, of course, moved on to stud duty. Last May, The Louisville Courier-Journal reports, Laoban died minutes after being injected with “Black Shot,” a “vitamin cocktail” intended to help “performance” (apparently Laoban was struggling to “cover”). The matter is in litigation – the insurance company, in denying the claim, says Laoban was administered expired drugs, and at multiple times the recommended dosage – but that’s not what’s important here.

Ignorant jokes aside, the breeding shed is its own kind of servitude, creating its own kind of suffering. With zero control over his own wants and needs, Laoban was but a machine, and when that machine began breaking down, the humane course – real retirement – was denied, with the prescribed fix destroying the machine outright. All so that a few more widgets – new racehorses, that is – could be produced. Disgusting.

Because his was not an on- or at-track kill, Laoban (below) will not make our list. But make no mistake about it, Horseracing, the industry, is wholly and unequivocally responsible for the death of this poor animal. Full stop.

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  1. the insurance cmopany shoudl be encouraged to not pay. nobody shoudl be giving shots like this to horeses. let the poor horse have some rest.

    On Fri, Apr 15, 2022 at 12:07 PM Horseracing Wrongs wrote:

    > Patrick Battuello posted: “Laoban was a Grade 1-level horse whose last > race was the prestigious Travers Stakes in 2016. “Retired” after only nine > starts (and a half million in earnings), he was then, of course, moved on > to stud duty. Last May, The Louisville Courier-Journal reports” >

    • I’m with you Jean. Backing the insurance company!( now thats a change!).
      Why should these SCUMBAGs be Compensated For killing a horse?!
      He gave them his life and that is a shame.

  2. The heart of man is desperately wicked. This is horse racing. Greedy horrible people. When will the killing end?

  3. There is an instance of one particular stud who frequented the breeding shed several times a week if not day. I don’t remember the source or name of the horse,however,I heard the horse would stand in the corner with his head down when he knew the time had come to shuttle on over to the breeding shed.

  4. He was exploited from birth to death and died a premature death because that’s how they roll in the horseracing industry. The people in this industry should be under constant surveillance to document the abuses they perpetrate on horses.

  5. The fate of Ferdinand, the Kentucky Derby Winner was slower but similar for not producing! Laoban obviously had the most extreme reaction to this “Black Cocktail”! No insurance coverage for murderous, loving, owners!
    Extreme “Horseracing Wrongs”!

    • In Japan, it’s a given that all horses that have not been killed in some other way will be killed in their slaughterhouses. You could say that it’s part of the assembly line of exploitation of horses for racing, wagering, breeding and meat.

          • GEMOLOGIST is such a beautiful horse! He deserves so much better than to be sent to Korea knowing that they will exploit him to his death and then some! Any horse deserves better!!!

  6. This is another horrible incident due to horseracing. Another reason to end horseracing as soon as possible!

  7. Expired Drugs,Multiple Times the recommended Dosage!? A VITAMIN COCKTAIL ? This sounds like a mixture of Dr. DEATHs famous cocktail.when your Stakes Running Stud has already earned $ 500,000- as a RUNNER. Can no longer compete the connections are now already counting how many mares he will cover and they are already counting the stud fees ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) and to the connections major dismay,LAOBAN disappoints them.He can’t or won’t produce.Wow what a let down. Now… What Vitamins were in that syringe , I’m sure this is something the insurance company wants to know. Im not an expert on Equine Euthanasia and I’m no expert on putting a horse down with a lethal injection but it seems to me knowing the element and the nature of this world it would not be out of the realm that this “Vitamin Cocktail “ might have been laced with a chemical that would be deadly to a horse. Nothing would surprise me in this world. I don’t know exactly why LAOBAN could not cover but it has been known even in human performance that steroid abuse could create impotency. It’s possible during LAOBAN’s racing career he was possibly also abused with steroids. If you remember a horse named Cigar I believe he was also a failure at stud. His trainer was W.Mott. Here is an instance where we know Mott a hall of fame trainer would not have to resort to steroids to get horses to perform on the level CIGAR did. Right?

    • And then there was War Emblem who I loved. He just wanted no part of the females. Nobody should be made to do something they find distasteful!

    • CIGAR was sterile but they didn’t kill him. The insurance company paid Twenty-Five Million Dollars for CIGAR, a horse with a record of sixteen consecutive wins and sterile.
      FUSAICHI PEGASUS was given hormone shots to get him to perform as a breeding stallion to suit the human beings who sought to profit from him. His Japanese owners sold him for Seventy Million Dollars as a horse to be continually exploited by greedy humans.

      • Grand Slam got kicked in the head by a broodmare, and didn’t want to do it anymore.

      • Wanda, you know Cigar was my love. A 10 million dollar race horse smelling me and then kissing me. 💋 I asked him did he know his grandpa won the triple crown and he shook his head yes. I cried and still cry 3 solid days. Been to his grave. Thankful he ended up in Kentucky Horse Park and buried whole. If he would have had values one would have been mine.

        • Nancy, that is awesome! I remember seeing him on television after a race giving his jockey, Jerry Bailey, a dirty look after Jerry made a comment to the other jockeys (while they were still on the track, but walking) that it was like almost nothing for CIGAR to win that race. CIGAR got a look in his eye like he was thinking, “You dumb son of a bitch! You have no idea!”

          • Wanda. I said to him Mr. Bailey was coming to get on his back and he pawed the floor and then I got his back end. Me and my big mouth.Mr. Bailey really was in tears and said he was half human plus he went to his memorial. I go to his grave and always in memory of him.

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