Everyday Ugliness

Yesterday, from the Equibase charts:

In the 8th at Mahoning, Rum Chaser “pulled up [and] collapsed on the track.” It’s a safe bet he’s dead (I will of course follow up). In his (only) 3 previous races, the 2-year-old finished a combined 50 lengths back. His “connections”: Robert and Marion Gorham.

Prior to the 5th at Tampa, Roaring River was “a bit reluctant to load [and] restless in the gate.” Still, he was raced – in fact “urged [whipped] to a position just off the pacesetter” – before “an awkward step” landed him in the ambulance.

And finally, Glacier Express, eight, “flipped in the paddock, injuring himself” – yeah, he injured himself – and was “scratched” prior to the 9th at Parx.

This is horseracing.


  1. This moral depravity must be punishable by law, because this moral depravity is Felony Animal Cruelty to horses!
    The public must be informed of the fact that, in most of the states with this moral depravity to horses, this moral depravity is being propped up with taxpayer dollars through various government subsidies and government-directed benefits of certain types.
    [TIMES UNION article by reporter Emilie Munson, “How New York bankrolls horse racing with billions” dated February 18, 2022]
    People have a right to know where their taxpayer money is going! It’s going to evil people who are committing egregious cruelties to horses.

  2. They are going to run the horses on the DISGUSTING ,DANGEROUS slop today in ny, and Maryland. There will be breakdowns and death today …. because of forcing them to run in thick mud. These people are SICK.

    • If the subsidies and the NUMEROUS other tax breaks to horse racing in New York were stopped, according to the TIMES UNION article by Emilie Munson, all of the racetracks in New York, except three, would close sooner rather than later.
      If horseracing generates so much money to the STATE ECONOMY, why do they need STATE MONEY to keep horseracing PROPPED UP? (Just sayin’…)
      This concept (of deceptive bargaining on behalf of this egregiously CRUEL industry) applies to all of the states that provide financial advantages and VARIOUS rewards to the horseracing industry! This CRUEL industry is the equivalent of Felony Animal Cruelty on steroids.

        • Alan, the NYRA tracks post multi-million dollar losses on their own without the subsidies. The subtitle of the article states that “All but three of New York’s horse racing tracks would likely close without subsidies provided by the state, a recent study found.”
          The article is lengthy and I wish I could read it printed out on paper but I only have a small cell phone screen on which to scroll through it.
          I’m assuming that all but three of New York’s horse racing tracks would close immediately after the subsidies were stopped. I assume the three remaining racetracks would close later than immediately, but with the fact of operating at a continuous loss without tax breaks and Video Lottery Terminal payments, it would not be very long until the remaining three would be closed. They would have to reduce the number of racing days to county fairs which is what Idaho has done.

    • We always hated galloping horses on a “sealed” thick, heavy track! Under those conditions we have indeed seen many injuries to those poor horses racing.The racing people would just laugh when we told them we were trying to look out for the horses & sometimes get angry when we refused to force a horse to gallop hard or fast under such track conditions.

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