Another HW Op-Ed

We were granted another op-ed yesterday, this one in Youngstown’s Mahoning Matters. (The paper also ran a companion piece on recent deaths at Mahoning.) Before reading, a quick note: Typically, editors will edit submissions for a variety of reasons. It’s what they do. While this one was taken almost as was – for which I’m grateful – I did object to the paper changing “his” to “its” in the commodification section. For obvious reasons, we never refer to animals as “its.”

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  1. AWESOME Patrick!! Thank you!
    They’ve had 2 “bad step, vanned offs” at mahoning the last 2 days, guessing they will be added to that tally. Thank you for speaking out!

  2. Thank you, Patrick, for doing everything you can to get the word out to the public!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Patrick, thank-you for doing amazing work on behalf of racehorses.
    This article is incredibly educating and finally horse racing is getting exposed for what it is.
    I realize that you probably have limited space and words to convey the utterly disgusting facts and truth as you did in this article and so many more.
    Your concise and succinct article is exceptional and so gratifying to read after years of watching horse racing covering-up the facts and the sad truth that thousands of racehorses die for this unnecessary gambling venue.
    It’s great when both the deplorable facts plus the taxpayer-funded subsidies can be exposed in one article as space permits.
    Many Ohio residents don’t even know what exactly the “racino” model is and the fact that Mahoning racetrack only exists because they get millions in subsidies that should be going to community services.
    It’s really sad that the utterly repulsive racehorse deaths will not END this, but ending their never ending taxpayer-funded subsidies will.
    They are not mutually exclusive when it comes to ending this antiquated, unnecessary gambling venue that has no place in the 21st century.

    • Thank you, Gina. Yes, unfortunately because of space I was not able to include the subsidy component. But as you say, it’s there – taxpayer-funded animal cruelty.

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